18.551 conference: formal ontologies industrialized

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         Subject: CFP: Formal Ontologies Meet Industry

        Formal Ontologies Meet Industry


        June 9-10, 2005

        Lake of Garda, Verona (Italy)


This event is jointly organized and supported by:
       - University of Verona
       - Creactive Consulting S.r.l., Affi
       - Laboratory for Applied Ontology, ISTC-CNR, Trento



Modeling corporate knowledge is one of the most attractive themes in
applied research and it has been an important motivation for several
areas of investigations like distributed systems and knowledge
management. Clearly, the business world considers this issue of
strategic relevance and keeps paying particular attention to it
because many theoretical results have already been proved
effectiveness in real applications like data warehouse construction,
information infrastructure definition, and all processes and
applications of knowledge management.

These knowledge models in industry aim at providing a framework for
information and knowledge sharing, reliable information exchange,
meaning negotiation and coordination between distinct organizations
or among members of the same one.

With the application of new methodologies and techniques in the
everyday practice and the accessibility of new theoretical results
in this area, developing new tools based on more sophisticated
frameworks has become a common need. This is an important reason for
the increasing interest in the employment of formal ontologies in
fields like medicine, engineering, financial and legal systems, and
other business practices.

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