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   [1] From: "Carolyn Kotlas" <kotlas_at_email.unc.edu> (21)
         Subject: CIT INFOBITS -- November 2004

   [2] From: "James L. Morrison" <morrison_at_unc.edu> (27)
         Subject: Innovate December Webcast Schedule

         Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 07:08:13 +0000
         From: "Carolyn Kotlas" <kotlas_at_email.unc.edu>
         Subject: CIT INFOBITS -- November 2004

CIT INFOBITS November 2004 No. 77 ISSN 1521-9275


INFOBITS is an electronic service of The University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill's Center for Instructional Technology. Each month the
CIT's Information Resources Consultant monitors and selects from a
number of information and instructional technology sources
that come to her attention and provides brief notes for electronic
dissemination to educators.


Google Scholar
Report on Quality and Extent of U.S. Online Education
Mentors in E-Learning Environments
Computer Games and Learning
E-Learning Online Presentations
New Approaches to Evaluating Online Learning
Top 1000 Most Widely-Held Library Books
Recommended Reading

.[material deleted]

INFOBITS is also available online on the World Wide Web at
http://www.unc.edu/cit/infobits/ (HTML format) and at
http://www.unc.edu/cit/infobits/text/index.html (plain text format).

         Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 07:09:33 +0000
         From: "James L. Morrison" <morrison_at_unc.edu>
         Subject: Innovate December Webcast Schedule

December Innovate-Live Webcasts

Innovate-Live webcasts offer an opportunity to synchronously interact with
the authors of the articles in the December 2004/January 2005 issue of
Innovate (http://www.innovateonline.info). These webcasts are produced as a
public service by our partner, ULiveandLearn. If you wish to participate in
the webcasts, please register at http://www.uliveandlearn.com/innovate

The schedule for the December Innovate-Live webcasts is provided below.

Escaping the Comparison Trap: Evaluating Online Learning on Its Own Terms
John Sener, author; Gary Brown, moderator
Tuesday, December 14th 1:00pm ET

Guidelines for Establishing Interactivity in Online Courses
Mark Mabrito, author; James Shimabukuro, moderator
Thursday, December 16th 2:00pm ET

Designing Instructional Articles in Online Courses for Adult Learners
D. Verne Morland and Herbert Bivens, authors; Maggie McVay Lynch, moderator
Thursday, December 16th 4:00pm ET

If you cannot attend a webcast, note that it will be archived within the
features section of the article itself shortly after the webcast.

Many thanks.


James L. Morrison
Editor-in-Chief, Innovate
Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership
UNC-Chapel Hill
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