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         From: "Ray Siemens" <siemensr_at_MALA.BC.CA>
         Subject: Literary Studies / Digital Humanities Research
Assistantships (2005-)

Literary Studies / Digital Humanities Research Assistantships (2005-)

    Electronic Textual Cultures Lab
    Department of English
    University of Victoria

Applications are invited for several research assistantships in the
newly-established Electronic Textual Cultures Lab based in the
University of Victoria's Department of English, and allied with the
Humanities Computing and Media Centre, in areas related to
literary studies, the digital humanities, and humanities computing.

The assistantships will be in [1] digitisation, [2] document encoding
and transformation, [3] website development, and [4] programming.

An understanding and appreciation of the field of literary studies is
essential for these positions, as is proficiency with computers and an
awareness of the application of computing techniques to humanities
disciplines. If necessary, specific training in digitisation, encoding,
and analysis as they relate to the expectations of the position is
available to incumbents during the Digital Humanities / Humanities
Computing Summer Institute (June 2005; see

For these positions, the contract of employment will be for twelve hours
per week, for twelve months (renewable), at standard local rates
($17.49/hour in 2004); in addition, all assistants are eligible to apply
for a Graduate Tuition Fellowship of $4,400 for the year (2004 value).

For more information about these positions, please contact the project

    Ray Siemens
    English, University of Victoria
    PO Box 3070 STN CSC
    Victoria, BC, Canada. V8W 3W1

Graduate students at the University of Victoria are encouraged to apply
directly to the project supervisor. A CV including details of relevant
experience and the names of two people who have agreed to act as
referees on your behalf should be submitted to the supervisor.

Those applying to graduate studies at the University of Victoria who
would like to be considered for this position should apply directly for
admission into to the department to which they wish to be admitted, as
well as to the project supervisor. Details of the application process
for graduate studies are available at http://web.uvic.ca/gradstudies/.

R.G. Siemens
Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing,
English, University of Victoria, PO Box 3070 STN CSC, Victoria, BC,
Canada. V8W 3W1
Phone: (250) 721-7272 Fax: (250) 721-6498
siemens@uvic.ca http://web.uvic.ca/~siemens/
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