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                            L A C L 2 0 0 5
Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics -- fifth international conference
          28-29-30 avril 2005, Bordeaux (France)
          CNRS - INRIA -- UniversitÚs Bordeaux 1 & 3
Submission deadline: monday 3 january 2005

LACL conference series
LACL-2005 is the 5th edition of a series of
international conferences on logical and formal
methods in computational linguistics. It
addresses in particular the use of proof
theoretic and model theoretic methods for
describing natural language syntax and semantics,
as well as the implementation of natural language
processing software relying on such models. A
selection of the 1995 articles appeared in a
special issue of the Journal of Logic, Language
and Information (7:4, 1998). The proceedings of
the international conferences LACL`96 ,LACL`97,
LACL`98 et LACL`2001 appeared in the series
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (volumes
1328, 1582, 2014, 2099) published by Springer.

Computer scientists, linguists, mathematicians
and philosophers are invited to present their
work on the use of logical methods in
computational linguistics and natural language
processing, in natural language analysis,
generation or acquisition.

* logical foundation of syntactic formalisms
* categorial grammars
* minimalist grammars
* dependency grammars
* tree adjoining grammars
* model theoretic syntax
* formal language theory for natural language processing
* data-driven approaches

* logic for semantics of lexical items, sentences, discourse and dialog
* discourse representation theory
* Montague semantics
* compositionality
* dynamic logic
* game semantics
* situation semantics
* generative lexicon

* applications of these models to natural language processing
* software for natural language analysis
* software for acquiring linguistic resources
* software for natural language generation
* software for information extraction
* question answering and human computer interaction in natural language
* evaluation
* scalability

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