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         Subject: TEI workshop at UC Berkeley

4-5 November 2004
University of California, Berkeley
Co-sponsored by the California Digital Library and The Bancroft Library, UC

You are invited to attend a two-day workshop and symposium covering
advanced topics for users of the TEI Guidelines. The primary speakers and
session facilitators will be Julia Flanders, chair of the Board of
Directors of the TEI Consortium, and Syd Bauman, co-editor of the TEI
Guidelines. Both are from the Brown University Women Writers Project (WWP).
They will lead a series of sessions designed to allow TEI-based projects to
share their work, discuss common problems, learn about emerging standards,
plan for future collaboration, and learn ways of improving their use of TEI.

Topics of discussion will include:
--emerging standards, including presentation and discussion of new TEI-based
best practices developed by the California Digital Library and the Women's
Writers Project
--TEI Guidelines P5
--XSLT(2) as a tool for transformation, upgrade, and validation
--West Coast TEI, a forum to allow participants to present their current
projects and discuss how they are using TEI
--common problems in TEI
--funding TEI projects, including discussion of how to sustain long-term
mark up projects
(A confirmed program is forthcoming.)

This workshop is free, but you must register in advance to attend because
space is limited. Please register by October 15 by emailing your name,
affiliation, address, and phone number to:

Deborah W. Anderson, UC Berkeley Dept. of Linguistics (dwanders_at_pacbell.net)
Anh Bui, Mark Twain Project, The Bancroft Library (abui_at_library.berkeley.edu)
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