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Publication Dates:
USA:Nov 2004
ROW:Oct 2004

Edited By:
    Susan Schreibman, University of Maryland
    Ray Siemens, University of Victoria
    John Unsworth, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Series: Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture

This Companion offers a thorough, concise overview of the emerging field of
humanities computing.
- A complete yet concise overview of the emerging discipline of
humanities computing.
- Contains 37 original articles written by leaders in the field.
- Addresses the central concerns shared by those interested in the
- Major sections focus on the experience of particular disciplines in
applying computational problems to research problems; the basic principles
of humanities computing; specific applications and methods; and production,
dissemination and archiving.
- Accompanied by a website featuring supplementary materials,
standard readings in the field and essays to be included in future editions
of the Companion.


Notes on contributors

Foreword: Roberto Busa
Introduction: Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens and John Unsworth

Part I: History:
1. The History of Humanities Computing: Susan Hockey
2. Archaeology: Nick Eiteljorg
3. Art History: Michael Greenhalgh
4. Classics: Greg Crane
5. History: Will Thomas
6. Lexicography: Russ Wooldridge
7. Linguistics: Jan Hajic
8. Literary Studies: Thomas Rommel
9. Music: Ichiro Fujinaga & Susan Weiss
10. New Media: Geoff Rockwell and Andrew Mactavish
11. Performing Arts: David Saltz
12. Philosophy and Religion: Charles Ess

Part II: Principles:
13. How Computers Work: Andrea Laue
14. Classification and its structures: Michael Sperberg McQueen
15. Databases: Steve Ramsay
16. What is Already Encoded by the Text: Jerry McGann
17. Text Encoding: Allen Renear
18. Perspectives and Communities: Perry Willett
19. Models: Willard McCarty

Part III: Applications:
20. Analysis and Authorship Studies: Hugh Craig
21. Preparation and Analysis of Linguistic Corpora: Nancy Ide
22. Electronic Scholarly Editing: Martha Nell Smith
23. Textual Analysis: John Burrows
24. Thematic Research Collections: Carole Palmer
25. Print Scholarship and Digital Resources: Claire Warwick
26. Digital Media and the Analysis of Film: Bob Kolker
27. Cognitive Stylistics and the Literary Imagination: Ian Lancashire
28. Multivariant Narratives: Marie-Laure Ryan
29. Speculative Computing: Aesthetic Provocations in Humanities Computing:
Johanna Drucker & Bethany Nowviskie
30. Robotic Poetics: Bill Winder

Part IV: Production, Dissemination, Archiving:
31. Project Design: Daniel Pitti
32. Conversion of Primary Sources: Marilyn Deegan & Simon Tanner
33. Text Tools: John Bradley
34. Interface, Aesthetics, and Usability: Matt Kirschenbaum
35. Electronic Publishing: Michael Jensen
36. Digital Libraries in the Humanities: Howard Besser
37. Preservation: Abby Smith


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