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Volume 3265/2004 (Machine Translation: From Real Users to Research) of
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This issue contains:

Case Study: Implementing MT for the Translation of Pre-sales Marketing
and Post-sales Software Deployment Documentation at Mycom International
p. 1 Jeffrey Allen

A Speech-to-Speech Translation System for Catalan, Spanish, and English
p. 7 Victoria Arranz, Elisabet Comelles, David Farwell, Climent Nadeu,
Jaume Padrell, Albert Febrer, Dorcas Alexander, Kay Peterson

Multi-align: Combining Linguistic and Statistical Techniques to Improve
Alignments for Adaptable MT p. 17 Necip Fazil Ayan, Bonnie J. Dorr,
Nizar Habash

A Modified Burrows-Wheeler Transform for Highly Scalable Example-Based
Translation p. 27 Ralf D. Brown

Designing a Controlled Language for the Machine Translation of Medical
Protocols: The Case of English to Chinese p. 37 Sylviane Cardey, Peter
Greenfield, Xiaohong Wu

Normalizing German and English Inflectional Morphology to Improve
Statistical Word Alignment p. 48 Simon Corston-Oliver, Michael Gamon

System Description: A Highly Interactive Speech-to-Speech Translation
System p. 58 Mike Dillinger, Mark Seligman

A Fluency Error Categorization Scheme to Guide Automated Machine
Translation Evaluation p. 64 Debbie Elliott, Anthony Hartley, Eric

Online MT Services and Real Users' Needs: An Empirical Usability
Evaluation p. 74 Federico Gaspari

Counting, Measuring, Ordering: Translation Problems and Solutions p. 86
Stephen Helmreich, David Farwell

Feedback from the Field: The Challenge of Users in Motion p. 94 L.
Hernandez, J. Turner, M. Holland

The Georgetown-IBM Experiment Demonstrated in January 1954 p. 102 W.
John Hutchins

Pharaoh: A Beam Search Decoder for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine
Translation Models p. 115 Philipp Koehn

The PARS Family of Machine Translation Systems for Dutch System
Description/Demonstration p. 125 Edward A. Kool, Michael S. Blekhman,
Andrei Kursin, Alla Rakova

Rapid MT Experience in an LCTL (Pashto) p. 130 Craig Kopris

The Significance of Recall in Automatic Metrics for MT Evaluation p. 134
Alon Lavie, Kenji Sagae, Shyamsundar Jayaraman

Alignment of Bilingual Named Entities in Parallel Corpora Using
Statistical Model p. 144 Chun-Jen Lee, Jason S. Chang, Thomas C. Chuang

Weather Report Translation Using a Translation Memory p. 154 Thomas
Leplus, Philippe Langlais, Guy Lapalme

Keyword Translation from English to Chinese for Multilingual QA p. 164
Frank Lin, Teruko Mitamura

Extraction of Name and Transliteration in Monolingual and Parallel
Corpora p. 177 Tracy Lin, Jian-Cheng Wu, Jason S. Chang

Error Analysis of Two Types of Grammar for the Purpose of Automatic Rule
Refinement p. 187 Ariadna Font Llitj=F3s, Katharina Probst, Jaime

The Contribution of End-Users to the TransType2 Project p. 197 Elliott

An Experiment on Japanese-Uighur Machine Translation and Its Evaluation
p. 208 Muhtar Mahsut, Yasuhiro Ogawa, Kazue Sugino, Katsuhiko Toyama,
Yasuyoshi Inagaki

A Structurally Diverse Minimal Corpus for Eliciting Structural Mappings
Between Languages p. 217 Katharina Probst, Alon Lavie

Investigation of Intelligibility Judgments p. 227 Florence Reeder

Interlingual Annotation for MT Development p. 236 Florence Reeder,
Bonnie Dorr, David Farwell, Nizar Habash, Stephen Helmreich, Eduard
Hovy, Lori Levin, Teruko Mitamura, Keith Miller, Owen Rambow, Advaith

Machine Translation of Online Product Support Articles Using a
Data-Driven MT System p. 246 Stephen D. Richardson

Maintenance Issues for Machine Translation Systems p. 252 Nestor

Improving Domain-Specific Word Alignment with a General Bilingual Corpus
p. 262 Hua Wu, Haifeng Wang

A Super-Function Based Japanese-Chinese Machine Translation System for
Business Users p. 272 Xin Zhao, Fuji Ren, Stefan Vo=DF
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