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             From: Ken Anderson <kena@CS.COLORADO.EDU>
             Subject: from SIGWEB Notes - June 7, 2004

    [Upcoming events from SIGWEB Notes for 7 June 2004]

                   Upcoming Events

    Visit <http://www.sigweb.org/conferences/> for pointers to these (and
    other) upcoming SIGWEB sponsored and cooperating conferences:

    SIGIR'04, July 25th-29th, 2004: <http://www.sigir.org/sigir2004/>
    HT'04, August 9-13, 2004: <http://www.ht04.org/>
    AH'04, August 23rd-26th, 2004: <http://www.ah2004.org/>
    DocEng'04, October 28-30, 2004: <http://www.documentengineering.org/>
    ICSOC'04, November 15-18, 2004: <http://www.icsoc.org/>

    Paper submission for ICSOC is open until June 18th (abstracts due June


    The program for Hypertext 2004 is coming together with three keynote
    speakers, Doug Engelbart (dynamic knowledge repositories), Dan Gillmor
    (weblog journalism), and Jim King (design of PDF), and 25 full papers
    (including 2 hypertexts), <http://www.ht04.org/pgmPapers.php>. Poster
    and demo submissions are still being accepted until June 11th,
    <http://www.ht04.org/cfpPosterAndDemo.php>. Many HT'04 workshops are
    also accepting submissions, <http://www.ht04.org/>. Student volunteer
    applications are being accepted until July 5th,
    <http://www.ht04.org/cfpStudents.php>. Finally, conference registration
    is now OPEN:


    HT'04's conference and program committees are working hard to create an
    exciting conference this year, including two special social events on
    the first and second days of the conference. We hope to see you in
    Santa Cruz this August!


    On August 23-26 the Third International Conference on Adaptive
    Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems will be held in Eindhoven,
    The Netherlands. AH2004 received 145 submissions, which has resulted in
    27 accepted full papers, 18 accepted short papers and 4 doctoral
    consortium papers. The conference will start with a tutorial and
    workshop day (August 23). During the main conference there will be a
    poster-reception, an Industry track, an assembly of the PROLEARN
    network of excellence on professional learning, a doctoral consortium,
    and last but not least a candlelight dinner in "La Caverne", a
    (restaurant inside a) natural cave.

    AH2004 features three distinguished keynote speakers:

    Prof. Dr. Emile Aarts from Philips Research,
    Dr. Candy Sidner from Mitsubishi Research (MERL) and
    Dr. Eric Horvitz from Microsoft Research.

    All information on AH2004 is available from <http://www.ah2004.org/>.

    Paul De Bra (general chair)
    Wolfgang Nejdl (program chair)

    [material deleted]

    Kenneth M. Anderson              | Phone: 303-492-6003
    Assistant Professor              | Fax  : 303-492-2844
    Dept. of Computer Science        | <mailto:kena@cs.colorado.edu>
    University of Colorado, Boulder  | <http://www.cs.colorado.edu/~kena/>

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