18.004 Lyman Award to Robert K. Englund

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Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 16:16:08 EDT

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             Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 06:53:08 +0100
             From: "LymanAward" <LymanAward@nhc.rtp.nc.us>
             Subject: 2004 Lyman Award Announced

    The selection committee charged with naming the 2004 recipient of the
    Richard W. Lyman Award has chosen Robert K. Englund, professor in the
    Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures of the University of
    California, Los Angeles, and principal investigator of the Cuneiform
    Digital Library Initiative (CDLI).

    The Richard W. Lyman Award recognizes scholars who have advanced
    humanistic scholarship and teaching through the innovative use of
    information technology. The award honors Richard W. Lyman, who was
    president of Stanford University from 1970-80 and of the Rockefeller
    Foundation from 1980-88, and is made possible through the generosity of
    the Rockefeller Foundation. Each recipient receives a prize of $25,000.

    For more information, see:

    Professor Englund will accept the Lyman Award during a ceremony at the
    New York Public Library on May 25 at 5:30. For more information,
    contact Susan Adesman, sadesman@unity.ncsu.edu or 919-549-0661.

    David Rice
    Associate Director for Communications
    National Humanities Center
    919.549-0661 x160

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