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    Dear ESF web site user,

    Here is the latest update on what's new on the European Science
    Foundation's web site. [Please see the ESF Web site for URLs.]

    European Latsis Prize - Nomination of candidates for 2004
    The European Science Foundation invites nominations for the European Latsis
    prize 2004. The prize is given for outstanding and innovative contributions
    within a selected research field and it has a value of 100.000 Swiss
    Francs. The research field for the 2004 Latsis prize is "Bioinformatics" -=
      Deadline 15 June 2004

    Call for Applications - Summer School on "The Impact of the Humanities on
    the Development of European Science"
    The purpose of this summer school is to show how the humanities and the
    sciences have interacted in a creative way since the Scientific Revolution,
    and how that fruitful dialogue is carried out at the present time. A number
    of cases will be examined, and ways of enhancing the dialogue will be
    outlined and discussed.

    Research funding opportunities in the field of EuroSTELLS
    Following agreement with a group of funding agencies from Europe, the
    European Science Foundation is launching a first Call for Proposals for
    research projects to be undertaken within a EUROCORES programme on the
    Development of a Stem Cell Tool Box (EuroSTELLS). The programme is expected
    to run for a minimum of five years and includes national research funding
    and a European networking component.

    2004 Call for Proposals for workshops
    Each year, ESF supports approximately 50 Exploratory Workshops across all
    scientific domains to allow scientists and scholars to explore novel ideas
    at the European level. The 2004 Call for Proposals for workshops to be held
    between 1 January-31 December 2005 is now available. The deadline for
    submitting proposals is 1 May 2004

    Call for Expression of Interest: Investigating Life in Extreme Environments
    ESF's Standing Committee for Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences
    together with ESF's Expert Committees (EMB, EPB, ESSC) are jointly issuing
    a call for Expression of Interest within the topic "Investigating Life in
    Extreme Environments". The main purpose of this call is the identification
    of key challenging topics from any discipline in this area and investigate
    the best ways to explore them. Expression of Interest should be submitted
    by March 23, 2004.

    Call for Travel Grants
    Scientific Programme on Representations of the Past: The Writing of
    National Histories in Europe (NHIST)

    Call for proposals
    European Collaborative Research Projects in the Social Sciences (2001-2004)


    Food-Web Modelling for Ecological Assessment of Terrestrial Pollution
    (EcolMAT) - An ESF programme

     From Natural Philosophy to Science (NPHS) - An ESF programme

    Opportunities for outstanding young scientists in Europe to create an
    independant research team
    ESF Consortium for Ocean Drilling (ECOD) - White Paper


    Mrs. Johanne Martinez - Schmitt
    webmaster and information officer
    Communication and Information Unit
    European Science Foundation
    1, Quai Lezay-Marn=E9sia
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