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Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 16:58:50 EDT

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             Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 07:15:26 +0100
             From: Peter Liddell <pgl@uvic.ca>
             Subject: Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing

    The official announcement of UVic's Canada Research Chair in
    Humanities Computing, Dr. Raymond Siemens has finally been made! Ray
    will be a member of the Department of English starting July 1.

    The press release reads as follows:

    UVic's Canada Research Chair in Humanities Computing, Dr. Raymond
    Siemens: Siemens is looking for new ways to adapt books, newspapers,
    magazines and journal articles to the electronic medium.

    "More than half of the people who live in developed countries get
    information of this sort directly from the Internet," says Siemens.
    "It took us over a thousand years to understand the medium of print;
    today, we understand almost intuitively how to access, navigate, and
    read print materials. But electronic text is only several decades
    old, and the World Wide Web even younger. While it is true that, over
    the past few decades, we have found good ways to create, access,
    navigate, and read electronic textual materials, it is also true to
    say that we do not yet fully understand the best ways that we might
    treat these materials. It is early days, yet, for the electronic

    Siemens' work will help create new computing tools for
    data-harvesting, textual content analysis, document encoding
    application and conversion, and communication processes. As well as
    his research, Siemens will teach a course on Shakespeare and a course
    that traces the evolution of books from 2,000 years ago to the
    present. Currently, he is a lecturer in the English department at
    Malaspina University-College and a visiting senior research fellow at
    the centre for computing in the humanities at King's College, London.
    Siemens will arrive at UVic in July.

    These UVic chairs are among 137 such positions at 38 universities
    across Canada -representing an investment of $138.3 million-being
    announced today. UVic now has 20 Canada Research Chairs.

    "This investment builds additional research leadership in priority
    areas at UVic and further enhances the university's position as a
    major research centre in the province and the country," says UVic
    Vice-President Research Dr. Martin Taylor.

    "The work our chairholders are doing in universities throughout the
    country plays a key role in making Canada a better place to live,"
    says Minister of Industry Lucienne Robillard. "Congratulations to all
    the new Canada Research Chairs."

    And welcome Ray to the Faculty of Humanities at UVic!

    Andrew Rippin
    Dean, Faculty of Humanities
    University of Victoria
    Clearihue Building Room C 305
    web page: http://www.rippin.org
    phone (250) 472-5056
    fax (250) 721-7059

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