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    Digital Communities in a Networked Society
    e-Commerce, e-Business and e-Government

    edited by

    Manuel J. Mendes
    Universidade Católica de Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Reima Suomi
    Dept. of Management, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration,

    Carlos Passos
    CenPRA/MCT, Centro de Pesquisas Renato Archer, Sao Paulo, Brazil


    Digital Communities in a Networked Society: e-Commerce, e-Business
    ande-Government deals with the accelerating evolution in the
    computerization of society. This evolution, or should we call it a
    revolution, is dominantly driven by the Internet, and documented by the
    novelties introduced, year by year, by Information and Communication
    Technologies. The application fields of those technologies are expanding
    constantly, transferring high benefits for the users - human beings
    (clients, consumers, citizens) and organizations. In Electronic Business,
    enterprises build production networks and proceed to expressive
    reorganization of their internal activities. And in Electronic Government,
    still in its infancy, practically all nations in the world - rich or poor -
    search for the way to use ICT to reach efficiency and to eliminate old
    problems such as corruption. It is not yet possible to foresee the impacts
    for the citizen but, for sure, the old democracy is being reshaped.
    The book contains recent results of research and development in the areas of:
         * E-government,
         * Business models of e-applications,
         * Innovative structures in the internet,
         * Auctions and e-payment,
         * Future aspects of communication,
         * Internet and the web,
         * Advanced platforms and grid computing,
         * Cooperation and integration,
         * Modeling and construction of e-services.
    Digital Communities in a NetworkedSociety: e-Commerce, e-Business and
    e-Government comprises the papers, contributions and ideas discussed during
    the 3rd I3E Conference on e-Commerce, e-Business and e-Government, which
    was sponsored by the International Federation for Information Processing
    (IFIP) and held in September 2003 in Guaruja, São Paulo, Brazil.

         * Foreword. Preface.
         * Section 1: E-Government. 1. E-Government - A Roadmap For Progress; R.
    Traunmüller, M. Wimmer. 2. Reducing Normative And Informative Asymmetries
    In Fiscal Management For Local Administrations; M. Carducci, M.A.
    Bochicchio, A. Longo.
         * Section 2: Business Models Of E-Applications. 3. Who Are The Internet
    Content Providers? C.C. Krueger, P.M.C. Swatman. 4. Net Market Makers In
    The Australian B2B E-Space. M. Singh. 5. The Success Strategies For Hybrid
    Business Model; S. Vatanasakdakul, E.L. Boon Kiat, J. Cooper.
         * Section 3: Innovative Structures In The Internet. 6. Influence Of
    Electronic Business Technologies On Supply Chain Transformations; W.
    Cellary, S. Strykowski. 7. Product Platforms For The Media Industry; L.
    Koehler, M. Anding, T. Hess. 8. Dynamic Management Of Business Service
    Quality In Collaborative Commerce Systems; B. Roberts, A. Svirskas. 9.
    Software For The Changing E-Business; M. Alaranta, T. Valtonen, J. Isoaho.
         * Section 4: Auctions And E-Payment. 10. Dynamic ROI Calculations For
    E-Commerce Systems; M. Amberg, M. Hirschmeier. 11. μP: A Micropayment
    System; P.A.L. Mindlin, C.M. Schweitzer, T.C.M.B. Carvalho, W.V. Ruggiero.
    12. Electronic Auctions In Finland; V.K. Tuunainen, M. Rossi, J. Puhakainen.
         * Section 5: Future Aspects Of Communication. 13. I-Centric
    Communications; R. Popescu-Zeletin, S. Arbanowski, S. Steglich. 14. A
    Communication Framework Towards Flexible Associations Of Businesses In
    Evolving Environments; H. Ludolph, G. Babin, P. Kropf. 15. Introducing New
    Business Models In Provision Of QOS Networks; B.D. Jerman-Blažic.
         * Section 6: Internet And The Web. 16. The Semantic Web; R. Studer, S.
    Agarwal, R. Volz. 17. Web Personalization Based On User's Trade-Offs; M.
    Martins, I. Garaffa, M. Kling. 18. XML Alone Is Not Sufficient For
    Effective Web EDI; F.G. Beckenkamp, W. Pree. 19. Institutional Websites
    Personalization Using Macro And Micro User Profiles; P.S. Rodrigues Lima,
    M.S. Pimenta.
         * Section 7: Advanced Platforms And Grid Computing. 20. The Grid: An
    Enabling Infrastructure For Future E-Business, E-Commerce And E-Government
    Applications; F. Silva, H. Senger. 21. Inter-Organizational E-Services
    Accounting Management On Computational Grids; F. Arcieri, F. Fioravanti, E.
    Nardelli, M. Talamo. 22. A Web Services Provider; J.-P. Bahsoun, B.
    Chebaro, S. Tawbi. 23. Using Metamodels To Promote Data Integration In An
    E-Government Application Scenario; A. Figueiredo, A. Kamada, L. Damasceno,
    M. Mendes, M. Rodrigues.
         * Section 8: Cooperation And Integration Of E-Services. 24. A Service
    Oriented Approach To Interorganisational Cooperation; C. Zirpins, W.
    Lamersdorf, G. Piccinelli. 25. A Data And Event Oriented Workflow Process
    Definition Meta Model Coherent With The UML Profile For Edoc Systems; J.
    Soto Mejía. 26. XML-Based E-Contracting; M. Merz. 27. ICT Support For
    Evolving Harmonization Of International Alliances; R.M. Lee, E.D. Campillo.
    28. Modeling Framework For E-Business Systems; M.M. Narasipuram.
         * Section 9: Modeling And Construction Of E-Services. 29. Reference
    Models For Advanced E-Services; C.A. Vissers, M.M. Lankhorst, R.J. Slagter.
    30. Mapping "Enterprise Business Architecture" To "Information Systems
    Framework"; A. Yamaguchi, M. Suzuki, M. Kataoka. 31. A COTS-Oriented
    Process For Constructing Adaptable E-Government Services; C. Ncube. 32.
    Analysis Of The Relation Between Service Parameters For Service Level
    Management And System Utilization; M. Akatsu, S. Konno, N. Komoda. 33. Use
    Of Models And Modelling Techniques For Service Development; L. Ferreira
    Pires, M. Van Sinderen, C. Guareis Farias, J.P. Almeida.

    Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-7795-5 Date: April 2004 Pages: 472 pp.
    EUR 164.00 / USD 180.00 / GBP 114.00

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