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             Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 07:09:32 +0100
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             Subject: summaries of ongoing work

    In attempting to figure out how humanities computing relates to this or
    that field of study I find myself most indebted to summaries and overviews
    written by leading scholars for an intelligent audience of non-specialists.
    Such things are very hard to write but invaluable if well done. Recently I
    came across an announcement of a series intended for the purpose. I pass
    along the following in case someone here is inclined to attempt such a book.

    Other publishers are of course welcome to inform us of similarly relevant
    opportunities, don't you think?

    >Palgrave Advances offer a series of innovative books that orientate
    >graduate and upper-level students within the current state of a field of
    >Providing introductions to/overviews of the key debates in a field of
    >study, each text brings together leading international scholars, and
    >surveys, questions and pushes the boundaries of the discipline.
    >Foregrounding new research, these books seek to map the future direction
    >of the field and as such are invaluable for students, scholars and lecturers.
    >Who are the Palgrave Advances for?
    > Graduate students
    > Upper-level undergraduate students
    > Scholars
    > Lecturers
    See http://www.palgrave.com/advances.htm for more.


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