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Since today happens to be St Patrick's Day and because I was reviewing some
Humbul records anyway here is a fairly random selection of web sites
catalogued in Humbul's database with some relevance to Irish Studies. The
URL of the site itself is listed together with a link to the descriptive
record in Humbul.

AHRB centre for Scottish and Irish studies
"... main research projects are The Diaspora Programme, The Languages of
Scotland and Ireland Programme and the Literatures of Scotland and Ireland
Programme ..."

BBC : Giota Beag (A wee bit! a beginner's course in Irish)
"... fifteen week course in Irish designed for the beginner, and which can
be used in conjunction with BBC broadcasts. All of the broadcasts can be
heard via Real Audio ..."

The brazen head : James Joyce
"... a vital site for Joyce enthusiasts and scholars. It is remarkably
comprehensive and its content is imaginatively presented and easy to
navigate ..."

CELT corpus of electronic texts
"... an excellent scholarly site, still growing, that contains a vast
number of Irish cultural, historical, and literary texts (in Irish, Latin,
Old Norse, Anglo-Norman French, and English) ..."

Electronic Irish resource dataset (Princess Grace Irish library (Monaco))
"... biographical and bibliographical information for about 4,500 Irish
writers and serial publications ..."

Hiberno-English archive
"... archive of Hiberno-English words, phrases, sayings, and idioms,
collected and collated by Professor Terence Patrick Dolan of University
College Dublin ..."

History from headstones (Irish Gravestone inscriptions)
"... a database of 55,000 gravestone inscriptions and transcripts from 800
graveyards in Northern Ireland ..."

Irish diaspora studies
"... Featured on the site are debates, which cover subjects like the Irish
Famine, study guides, with topics such as the Orange Order, the Irish in
South America, and the Irish in Britain, and a number of reviews of recent
scholarship ..."

Irish Resources in the Humanities
"... database-driven gateway which provides information about online
resources relating to Irish and Celtic studies ...."

Irish script on screen (digital manuscript images)
"... aim is to produce digital images of Irish manuscripts and make them
available online with comprehensive commentaries ...."

The women's history project - sources for women's history in Ireland
"... The collection of nearly 100,000 items was gathered from 14,000
collections between October of 1997 and August of 2001 ..."

More from http://www.humbul.ac.uk/search/search.php?keyword=irish


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