17.706 "for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth"

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         Subject: "for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth"

Dear colleagues:

Apparently there are devices external to a given machine that can fake an
address of origin. The following message attests to such a device. Since
this message did not, as far as I can tell, circulate on Humanist itself,
the problem is not corruption of any of the machines involved in its
distribution. I am sorry for this sort of clutter and so now find myself
apologizing on behalf not of incompetent software, as so many times before,
but of software used for evil purposes. With so much of the not-good about
in the world, and some of it far more immediate and serious than anything
like spam, use of the word "evil" may seem a bit strong. But if such spam
should cause our conversation to diminish or cease, as it might for some,
then evil will have been done, and so I think Professor Weinshank's
reference to Genesis 8:21 is just right. As my very strange career has
developed, it seems to have assumed a shape or purpose, and that purpose
seems to be helping to keep a conversation about humanities computing
alive. In fact I would go so far as to claim that the whole of the
scholarly form of life is all about the larger "long conversation" (to
borrow a phrase from the poet David Jones) -- rather than, for example,
being right.

So I very much hope that you will not be deterred, indeed spurred on to
talk more, here.


>Yet another distribution.
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>SUBJECT Incoming message
>CONTENTS Find the white rabbit.
>Attached file was caught by the anti-virus/worm software. I received the
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>The file attached to this email was removed
>because the file name is not allowed.
>My only question is how this spammer managed to get (part of?) our list,
>given that you send it out as a BCC.
>I am thinking about posting Gen.8:21 over my computer. It neatly describes
>the human condition.
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