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Annual Course and Conference:
Human Information Behaviour
& Competences for Digital Libraries

Dubrovnik and Mljet, Croatia
25-29 May, 2004
Inter-University Centre (<http://www.hr/iuc>http://www.hr/iuc)
Don Ivana Bulica 4, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
and Hotel Odisej, island Mljet, Pomena, Croatia

Course web site: <http://www.pedos.hr/lida>http://www.pedos.hr/lida
Course email: lida@pedos.hr

The general aim of the annual conference and course Libraries in the
Digital Age (LIDA), started in 2000, is to address the changing and
challenging environment for libraries and information systems and services
in the digital world, with an emphasis on examining contemporary problems,
advances and solutions. Each year a different and 'hot' theme is addressed.
LIDA is divided in two parts; the first part covers research and
development and the second part addresses advances in applications and
practice. LIDA seeks to bring together researchers, practitioners, and
developers in a forum for personal exchanges, discussions, and learning,
made easier by being held in memorable locations. The conference includes
papers, posters, workshops, demonstrations, and a tutorial.

The first part of LIDA 2004 covers research-based treatments of the ways in
which people conceptualize their information needs, solve problems and seek
answers to questions through information and how they use information, all
in the context of digital libraries. Invited speakers include: Tefko
Saracevic (Rutgers U, USA), Ching-chih Chen (Simmons College, USA), and
Paul Sturges (Loughborough U, UK). Papers will be presented by speakers
from Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Khazaghstan, Slovakia, Slovenia, UK,
United Arab Emirates, and USA.

The second part of LIDA 2004 is focused on education for digital libraries,
and even more broadly on professional responses to human information
behavior, for which we are using the term 'competences.'.Invited speakers
are Sheila Webber (Sheffield U, UK), Gwynneth Evans (Media Awareness
Network, Ottawa, Canada), Tina Theis (Information and Management
Consultant, Manchester, UK), and Raymond van Dran (Syracuse U, USA), and
John Feather (Loughborough U, UK). Papers will be presented by speakers
from Croatia, Finland, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine, UK, United Arab
Emirates, and USA.

Five pre- and post-conference workshops are offered:
A. Chris Armstrong, Ray Lonsdale (U of Aberysthwyth, Wales, UK) Digital
Books for Digital Libraries: Issues Surrounding the Collection and
Management of e-Books
B. Katriina Byström (U College of Boras, Sweden), Preben Hansen (Swedish
Institute of Computer Science, Sweden) The Role of Digital Libraries in
Work Task Performance by Professionals
C. Lynne Rudasill, JoAnn Jacoby (U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ill.,
USA) Website Design and Evaluation: A Hands-On Workshop
D. Marija Dalbello (Rutgers U, USA) Historian as User of the Internet
Archive: Historical Record on the Web, from "Way-back" in 1996
E. Audrone Glosiene (Vilnius U, Vilnius, Lithuania) Universities,
Continuing Professional Education and Life Long Learning: How do We Fit in?
F. Ross Todd (Rutgers U, USA) Digital Library Services for Children: 13,000
Students Tell Their Story.

LIDA 2004 includes a special occasion: An Afternoon with Eugene
Garfield (founder, ISI, USA) as a Guest of Honor. It also includes a
poster session with wine and cheese and a DIALOG tutorial especially for

Course co-directors and Program chairs for part I are: Tatjana Aparac,
Ph.D. Department of Information Sciences, Faculty of Education, University
of Osijek, Osijek, Croatia (taparac@pedos.hr) and Tefko Saracevic, Ph.D.
School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, Rutgers
University, New Brunswick, NJ U.S.A.(tefko@scils.rutgers.edu). Program
Chair for Part II is Professor Paul Sturges, Department of Information
Science. Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK

To register please visit LIDA site:

The site also contains details about the program, and information about
the program committee, accommodations, travel, and other items of interest.

The first part of LIDA, 24-26 May 2004, will be held in Dubrovnik and for
the second part, 27-29 May 2004, the conference will move to island Mljet,
less than a two-hour ride from Dubrovnik on a fast catamaran.
Pre-conference workshops are planned for 24 May 2004 and post-conference
workshops for 29 May 2004.
Dubrovnik, Croatia is among the unique cities in the world, recognized
as one of the World Cultural Heritage sites by UNESCO. It is a walled
city, preserved as it existed in medieval times. A beautiful natural
location on the Adriatic Sea, a lavish architecture of squares, palaces,
and churches, small, intriguing hill-hugging streets, pedestrian-only
traffic within the walls, outings to the enchanting near-by islands - all
these and more combine to make Dubrovnik one of the most popular
destinations in Europe. For Croatia see
<http://www.croatia.hr>http://www.croatia.hr and for Dubrovnik
<http://web.tzdubrovnik.hr>http://web.tzdubrovnik.hr; travel information at

Mljet is one of the most enchanting islands in the Adriatic, a sea that
abounds with beautiful islands to start with. Hotel Odisej is in a small
harbor. Near the hotel is the entrance to Mljet National Park with lush
vegetation surrounding three inland lakes, a small island with a monastery
in the middle lake, paths for walking, and spots for swimming in the blue
and green sea. For Mljet National Park see
<http://www.np-mljet.hr>http://www.np-mljet.hr and for hotel Odisej (with
further information about the surroundings) see

Marija Dalbello, Ph.D.
NJ-ASIST Chair 2003/2004
Assistant Professor
Department of Library and Information Science
School of Communication, Information and Library Studies
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
4 Huntington Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-1071
Voice: 732.932.7500 / 8215
Internet: dalbello@scils.rutgers.edu

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