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   [1] From: Lorenzo Magnani <lmagnani@unipv.it> (62)
         Subject: MBR04 Call for Papers

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         Subject: Final submission deadline for papers: Hypertext '04

         Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 09:30:33 +0000
         From: Lorenzo Magnani <lmagnani@unipv.it>
         Subject: MBR04 Call for Papers



                Pavia, Italy, December 16-18, 2004

          Chairs: Lorenzo Magnani and Nancy J. Nersessian


                       Up-to date information
                on the conference will be found at



  From Thursday 16 to Saturday 18 December 2004 (three days) the
International Conference
will be held at the University of Pavia (near Milan, Italy).

The conference continues the theme of the
Conferences "Model-Based Reasoning in Scientific Discovery" MBR'98 and
"Model-Based Reasoning: Scientific Discovery, Technological Innovation, and
Values" MBR'01

The previous volumes derived from those conferences are:

L. Magnani and N. J. Nersessian (eds.) (2002), Model-Based Reasoning.
Science, Technology, Values,
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York.
L. Magnani, N. J. Nersessian, and C. Pizzi (eds.) (2002), Logical and
Computational Aspects of Model-Based Reasoning,
Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht. http://www.wkap.nl/prod/b/1-4020-0791-4
L. Magnani, N. J. Nersessian, and P. Thagard (eds.) (1999), Model-Based
Reasoning in Scientific Discovery,
Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York.
(Chinese edition, translated and edited by Q. Yu and T. Wang, China Science
and Technology Press, Beijing, 2000).


The conference will deal with the logical, epistemological, and cognitive
of modeling practices employed in science and engineering, including
computational models of such practices. We solicit papers that examine
the role of abduction, visualization, and simulation in model-based reasoning
from philosophical, historical, sociological, psychological,
or computational perspectives.


We call for papers that cover topics pertaining to
model-based reasoning in science and engineering from the following list:

- abduction
- visual, spatial, imagistic modeling and reasoning
- simulative modeling
- the role of diagrammatic representations
- computational models of visual and simulative reasoning
- causal and counterfactual reasoning in model construction
- visual analogy
- thought experimenting
- logical analyses related to model-based reasoning
- manipulative reasoning
- distributed model-based reasoning
- embodiment in model-based reasoning
- model-based reasoning and technological innovation


The list of the invited speakers who already accepted to give e
presentation at MBR04 is available in the Conference WEB SITE

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         Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 09:31:36 +0000
         From: hla@CS.NOTT.AC.UK
         Subject: Final submission deadline for papers: Hypertext '04

Just a quick reminder that the Final submission deadline for full papers
for Hypertext '04 is March 12th, 2004. The online submission software
is now ready for your submission and you can find it at the "Submit
papers" link at the top of the website's papers CFP.

The CFP is reproduced below. We look forward to receiving your paper!

Helen Ashman and Dave de Roure, Programme Chairs.

                               Hypertext 2004

             Fifteenth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia
                August 9-13, 2004 : Santa Cruz, California USA

                             Call for Submissions

    The Fifteenth International ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia
    will be held in Santa Cruz, California, August 9-13, 2004.

    The ACM Hypertext Conference is the foremost international conference
    on hypertext and hypermedia. It brings together scholars, researchers
    and practitioners from a diverse array of disciplines, united by a
    shared interest in innovative textual and multimedia information
    spaces - with emphasis on augmenting human capabilities via linking,
    structure, authoring, annotation and interaction.

    This year, in addition to the established conference themes, the
    conference is actively soliciting submissions at the intersections
    of hypermedia and Digital Libraries, Software Engineering and the
    Humanities. We welcome submissions on the representation, design,
    structuring, visualizing, navigating, and exploiting of the rich
    network of relationships found in these domains.

    Spatial hypertext (structuring information via visual cues and
    geometric arrangement) and ubiquitous hypermedia (in situ authoring
    and navigating relationships among real world objects) have recently
    emerged as significant research directions. They join our established
    themes of adaptive hypermedia, literary hypertext and systems and
    structures. This latter topic knits together the research themes
    of open hypermedia, structural computing, design and reflection.

    In a bold experiment, for the first time we will be accepting
    hypertext submissions of research results. We are keenly interested
    in how judicious use of nonlinear narrative and rich linking can
    enhance communication of research ideas. We encourage you to consider
    submitting your paper as a hypertext. Please see the Web site for
    further details about hypertext submission.

    We will also be operating a rolling review process. Papers and
    hypertexts received before the early submission deadline will receive
    reviewers' feedback at least a week before the final submission
    deadline, facilitating revised submissions where appropriate.

Key dates

    Full papers & hypertexts: March 12, 2004
    Short papers: May 28, 2004
    Poster & demo abstracts: June 11, 2004

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         For general enquiries please contact enquiries@ht04.org
                           ACM approval pending

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