17.640 sources on the paradigm shift

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In einer eMail vom 12.02.04 09:27:16 (MEZ) Mitteleuropäische Zeit schreibt
(i.e. Maurizio Lana)

>the textual studies can't be simply equated to other hard science fields
>(mathematics, astronomy, and also - in different degree - physics,
>chemistry, ...) but we need that an interpretation be accompanied by the
>complete data which should support/show/demonstrate its quality.

I agree completely. But we must be aware that the primary data
is image data - at least in the field of usual literary studies. A good
example is the Versioning Machine announced earlier in this
list: The image of the testimony allows to check up the
transcription and markup results.
What will say "a corpus is citable" (Thieberger in the initial
posting) in this case? Do we need a common referencing
system to connect images and (scholarly) text?

With kind regards, Herbert Wender

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