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Writing and Learning in the Science Classroom


Carolyn S. Wallace
The University of Georgia, Athens, USA

Brian Hand
Iowa State University, Ames, USA

Vaughan Prain
LaTrobe University, Bendigo, Vic., Australia


This volume is of interest to science educators, graduate students, and
classroom teachers. The book will also be an important addition to any
scholarly library focusing on science education, science literacy, and
This book is unique in that it synthesizes the research of the three
leading researchers in the field of writing to learn science: Carolyn S.
Wallace, Brian Hand, and Vaughan Prain. It includes a comprehensive review
of salient literature in the field, detailed reports of the authors' own
research studies, and current and future issues on writing in science.
The book is the first to definitely answer the question, "Does writing
improve science learning?". Further, it provides evidence for some of the
mechanisms through which learning occurs. It combines both theory and
practice in a unique way. Although primarily a tool for research, classroom
teachers will also find many practical suggestions for using writing in the
science classroom.

Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-2017-1 Date: March 2004 Pages: 160 pp.
EURO 95.00 / USD 105.00 / GBP 66.00

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