17.596 conference: final call to host DRH2005

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Date: Sun Feb 01 2004 - 05:45:41 EST

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         Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 10:31:52 +0000
         From: Michael Fraser <mike.fraser@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
         Subject: DRH2005: Final call to host DRH2005

This is a final call for expressions of interest to host Digital Resources
for the Humanities 2005 conference


Digital Resources for the Humanities (DRH) is an annual conference held in
the British Isles and attracting an international audience. The conference
was founded in 1996. The DRH conference is a major conference for bringing
together the creators, users, distributors, and custodians of digital
resources in the Humanities. The conference promotes the creation,
management, dissemination, use and preservation of high quality humanities
digital resources. The term 'humanities' in this context has a wide
definition which encompasses the work of the cultural industries,
epitomised by museums, galleries, archives, and heritage management; as
well as subjects like art, design, architecture, film, radio, television,
performance, music, dance, literary and linguistic studies, history,
archaeology, religion and classics.

The DRH Standing Committee warmly invites proposals to host the DRH
conference in 2005. Previous hosts of DRH have found running the
conference very rewarding and have also found that it can be an
opportunity to alert their own institution to the growing range of
activity in this area as well as having the potential to raise the
international profile of their own institution within the broad
communities served by the conference.

An initial expression of interest should be submitted to the Chair of the
DRH Standing Committee (mike.fraser@oucs.ox.ac.uk) by 20 Feb 2004. In the
meantime please feel free to discuss any aspect of the conference and to
indicate your intention to submit an expression of interest. Further
information is available via http://www.drh.org.uk/ or directly from

DRH2004 will take place at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 5-8
September 2004. DRH2003 was organised by the University of

Michael Fraser
Chair, DRH Standing Committee

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