17.573 women in computer science

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Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 03:47:33 EST

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         Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 08:33:35 +0000
         From: Susan Hesemeier <s.hesemeier@utoronto.ca>
         Subject: women in computer science

In regards to my post yesterday about women in introductory computer science
classes, and relating to recent discussions about the role of the email
line, I just wanted to add that the subject line created by Humanist for my
posting may not accurately reflect its context (and as subject lines act as a
sort of 'first impression' for the content, I thought I would create one below
that is more in line with the intent of my post :-). My original subject line
was "Fwd: Re: 17.555 cybernetics conference; seminar on women and
non-majors in
CS", which was probably changed because it was so long (oops-- I should have
made my own shorter subject line-- I am new to posting on Humanist :-). I was
wondering whether the claim that there are "high rates of failure among women
and non-majors in introductory computer science classes" could be verified by
credible studies, as this seemed to be quite a strong assertion that differed
from my own subjective view of how women perform in computing science
So rather than 'Women in Computer Science?' as my subject line, I probably
would have included the same word content but without the question mark. Do
women really have a high rate of failure in introductory computer science



Susan Hesemeier, PhD Student Faculty of Information Studies University of Toronto http://individual.utoronto.ca/hesemeier/ </x-flowed>

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