17.541 2004 MLA session: Digital Preservation and Electronic Scholarly Editions

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Editions (MLA '04)

CFP: Digital Preservation and Electronic Scholarly Editions
Modern Language Association Annual Convention
Philadelphia, 27-30 December 2004

The promise of electronic scholarly editing brings with it the
responsibility of long-term digital preservation. While librarians and
archivists have struggled with this problem for a number of years,
bibliographers and editors have been slower to take up the challenge. Other
than a brief mention of the "preservation form" in section 1.E of the MLA
Guidelines for Electronic Scholarly Edition and scattered references to the
Text Encoding Initiative on project Web sites, little work has been done
within the editing community to develop procedures for ensuring their
efforts will survive changes in digital technologies.

The Association for Computers and the Humanities invites papers for the 2004
Modern Language Association Conference in Philadelphia. In particular we
seek proposals from individual editors, project teams and electronic
publishers currently grappling with the complex issues of long-term
preservation. How are you negotiating the synchronic demands of delivery
deadlines and software restrictions with the diachronic pitfalls of
maintaining access over many decades? If multiple-archives increase
survivability, how are you dealing with data integrity? Are you also
archiving the interim working documents, correspondence and editorial
manuals generated as part of your project, and if so, how are they
integrated with the finished edition? What preservation needs come into play
when the goal is to publish in multiple formats (print and digital)?

Please submit a one-page abstract by 1 March 2004 to David L. Gants <dgants
(at) unb.ca > (non-bots please translate the "(at)" into conventional form).
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