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         Subject: AI & Society - New Issue Alert

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         Subject: new book: Truth, Rationality, Cognition, and Music

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         From: <alerts@springer.com>
         Subject: AI & Society - New Issue Alert

Volume 18 Number 1 of AI & Society is now available on the SpringerLink web
site at

This issue contains:

Action research­a European dimension p. 1
Francesco Garibaldo, Lauge Baungaard Rasmussen

Original Article
Ethics, science, and the mechanisation of the world picture p. 7
Howard Rosenbrock

Original Article
Action research­Scandinavian experiences p. 21
Lauge Baungaard Rasmussen

Original Article
Some reflections on the epistemological fundaments of an Italian
experience p. 44
F. Garibaldo, E. Rebecchi

Open Forum
Intelligent advertising p. 68
Richard Adams

Book review
Ulf Hashagen, Reinhard Keil-Slawik and Arthur L. Norberg (eds): History of
computing: software issues: Springer, 2002, 283pp, ISBN 3-540-42664-7 p. 82
Richard Ennals

Book review
Rae Earnshaw and John Vince (eds): Intelligent agents for mobile and virtual
media: Springer, 2002, ISBN 1-85233-556-4, 197pp p. 84
Richard Ennals

Knowledge in co-action: social intelligence in collaborative design
activity p. 86
Satinder P. Gill, Jan Borchers

         Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 07:08:36 +0000
         From: Kluwer <Kluwer@kluwer.m0.net>
         Subject: new book: Truth, Rationality, Cognition, and Music

Kluwer is pleased to announce the publication of the following new book:

Truth, Rationality, Cognition, and Music

edited by

Kepa Korta
ILCLI, The University of the Basque Country, San Sebastián, Spain

Jesús M. Larrazabal
University of the Basque Country, San Sebastián, Spain


The International Colloquium on Cognitive Science, held in Donostia - San
Sebastián every two years since 1989, is one of the main regular meeting
points for a diversity of researchers in this exciting multi-disciplinary
area of inquiry. This volume brings together some of the most important
contributions to that colloquium. Besides the various interdisciplinary
origins and standpoints of the participating researchers, the volume also
reflects the richness, fruitfulness, and great miscellany of research in
cognitive science today. In Truth,Rationality, Cognition, and Music, a wide
variety of topics that are crucial to human beings, are addressed from a
cognitive perspective by some of the world's leading scientists.
Philosophers, linguists, logicians, psychologists, musicians, and anyone
interested in what cognitive science has to say about these topics, should
not miss it.

     * Preface; K. Korta, J.M. Larrazabal.
     * 1. Cognitive Science and David Hume's Science of the Mind; J. Biro.
     * 2. Truth and Meaning; S. Soames.
     * 3. Truth and Borderline Cases; T. Williamson.
     * 4. Meaning Finitism and Truth; M. Kusch.
     * 5. Subjective Experience and External World; M. Liz.
     * 6. The Explanatory Relevance of Psychological Properties; M. Sabatés.
     * 7. Epistemology and Cognitive Theorizing; J. Esquerro, F.
     * 8. Music, Language and Cognition: Which doesn't Belong? P. Kivy.
     * 9. Music and Knowledge; L. Addis.
     * 10. Event Coreference and Discourse Relations; L. Danlos, B. Gaiffe.
     * 11. Rationality in Context; J.F. Morales.
     * 12. Individual and Collective Rationality in a Social Framework; L.A.
Pérez Miranda.
     * Acknowledgements. Index.

Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-1912-2 Date: February 2004 Pages: 260 pp.
EURO 120.00 / USD 132.00 / GBP 83.00

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