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Announcing a new list


We are pleased to announce the availability of a new mailing list that
will serve to inform the public of developments at ETANA: Electronic
Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives, and of additions to Abzu,
ETANA's guide to the ancient Near East on-line.

Instructions for adding your address to the list can be found at:

The ETANA project seeks to serve as a model of how a
discipline-specific content site in ancient Near Eastern Studies can be
constructed to become the dominant site for that discipline. ETANA will
take a leadership role in developing standards specific to this
discipline, test altruistic funding models, utilize OpenArchive
metadata standards and create discipline-specific harvest engines to
work with these metadata. ETANA will create a structure whereby
scholarship can be accessible from data capture to finished scholarship
on a single site. It will host data capture and access, core texts and
born-digital publications in an environment of rights management,
appropriate levels of peer review, and archival permanence. ETANA
encompasses the primary portal in ancient Near Eastern Studies: Abzu,
and the multiple rich image databases being created in the discipline.

Scholarship is enhanced by technological innovations that facilitate
communication and expedite the efficient sharing of research and ideas.
No less than other disciplines, the study of the ancient Near East
promises to be enriched significantly by the development of a singular,
far-reaching resource for research that will be widely accessible to
professionals and amateurs alike. To that end, ETANA brings together a
consortium of universities and academic societies in order to develop
and maintain a comprehensive, unified Internet site for the study of
the ancient Near East.

ETANA is a cooperative project of:
American Oriental Society | American Schools of Oriental Research |
Case Western Reserve University | Cobb Institute of Archaeology at
Mississippi State | Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago |
Society of Biblical Literature | Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of
Archaeology of Tel Aviv University | Vanderbilt University | Virginia
Polytechnic and State University

Support for ETANA has been provided by funding from the Andrew W.
Mellon Foundation (8/00 to 2/02, 6/01 to 8/02) and the National Science
Foundation (Continuing grant IIS-0325579).

Please forward this announcement wherever it may be useful.

-Chuck Jones- for the ETANA team

Charles Ellwood Jones
Research Associate - Bibliographer
The Oriental Institute - Chicago
1155 E. 58th St.  Chicago IL  60637-1569
Voice (773) 702-9537  Fax (773) 702-9853

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