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    Humanists will be interested in the following two new books, both German
    Habilitationsschriften published in English:

    Jan Christoph Meister, Computing Action: A Narratological Approach (Berlin:
    Walter de Gruyter, 2003).

    >Computing Action takes a new approach to the phenomenon of narrated action
    >in literary texts. It begins with a survey of philosophical approaches to
    >the concept of action, ranging from analytical to transcendental and
    >finally constructivist definitions. This leads to the formulation of a new
    >model of action, in which the core definitions developed in traditional
    >structuralist narratology and Greimassian semiotics are reconceptualised
    >in the light of constructivist theories.
    >In the second part of the study, the combinatory model of action proposed
    >is put into practice in the context of a computer-aided investigation of
    >the action constructs logically implied by narrative texts. Two
    >specialised literary computing tools were developed for the purposes of
    >this investigation of textual data: EVENTPARSER, an interactive tool for
    >parsing events in literary texts, and EPITEST, a tool for subjecting the
    >mark-up files thus produced to a combinatory analysis of the episode and
    >action constructs they contain. (The software tools and all relevant data
    >files will be provided for download on the de Gruyter website).
    >The third part of the book presents a case study of Goethe’s
    >Unterhaltungen deutscher Ausgewanderten. Here, the practical application
    >of theory and methodology eventually leads to a new interpretation of
    >Goethe’s famous Novellenzyklus as a systematic experiment in the narrative
    >construction of action – an experiment intended to demonstrate not only
    >Goethe’s aesthetic principles, but also, and more fundamentally, his
    >epistemological convictions.

    (See the listing at

    Jörg R. J. Schirra, Variations and Application Conditions for the Data Type
    "Image": The Foundation of Computational Visualistics (2003, at


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