17.475 digital preservation

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Date: Fri Dec 19 2003 - 05:19:40 EST

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    >At 12.14 16/12/2003, Spencer Tasker <spencer@tasker.info> wrote:
    > >Maurizio Lana correctly identified some of the false assumptions
    > >of the Garfinkel article, however, there are a couple of points
    > >which I should like to add.
    >I too would like to add something to the discussion, and would like to
    >point all of the humanists who can read in italian to the following article:
    >"attenti, col digitale non si tramanda" (something like "beware, what's
    >digital can't be left as a legacy"),
    >http://www.apogeonline.com/webzine/2003/12/11/01/200312110101, coming from
    >the newsletter "apogeonline", and written by Paolo Attivissimo
    >He points out that while one could think of rebuilding from scratch an old
    >grammophone, and actually do it, the same is not true for - say - an old
    >Sinclair Z80, or any piece of electronic hardware, after the stop of the
    >industrial flow which produced it.
    >Maurizio Lana - ricercatore
    >Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici - Universitŕ del Piemonte Orientale a
    >via Manzoni 8, I-13100 Vercelli
    >+39 347 7370925
    This provokes me ... strongly ... as a Computer Scientist!

    The industrial flow is irrelevant to the reconstruction
    of the Sinclair Z80 or anything else of a similar sort
    as long as the "blueprints" (hardware, software) exist.

    Those individuals who still produce "hand-crafted computers"
    could build ...

    But more importantly, we can *emulate* machines such as
    the Sinclair Z80, if we want to!

    By "emulate" we mean to run a Virtual computing system on another
    computing system. For example, it is common
    for a Mac to run windows and unix software today!


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