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    The European Science Foundation (ESF) welcomes the suggestion of creating a
    new funding mechanism for supporting European research in the form of a
    European Research Council -

    Call for Applications - LINKECOL Final Conference - Palma de Mallorca, May 2004
    In order to mark the end of the ESF Programme on Linking Community and
    Ecosystem Ecology (LINKECOL), a final conference entitled “Linking
    community and ecosystem ecology: recent advances and future challenges”,
    will take place on 18-21 May 2004 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

    Colin Renfrew awarded European Latsis Prize 2003
    The European Science Foundation awarded this year’s European Latsis Prize
    to Colin Renfrew, Director of the McDonald Institute for Archaeology at the
    University of Cambridge, for his exceptional contributions to European
    Prehistory. The prize ceremony took place at the Hotel Hilton in
    Strasbourg, France.

    Outcome of the 2003 Call for ESF Exploratory Workshops
    The ESF will be funding a total of fifty-two exploratory workshops in 2004,
    across all scientific disciplines

    ESF appoints John Marks as Director of Science and Strategy
    The European Science Foundation has appointed John Marks as Director of
    Science and Strategy. Marks will oversee the direction and coordination of
    all scientific and strategic development at ESF.

    EUROCORES on Science of Protein Production for Functional and Structural
    Analysis (EuroSCOPE)
    Following agreement with ESF Member Organisations in Austria, Belgium, the
    Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands,
    Portugal, the Slovak Republic, and Spain, the European Science Foundation
    is launching a first Call for Outline Proposals for research projects to be
    undertaken within a EUROCORES on the Science of Protein Production for
    Functional and Structural Analysis (EuroSCOPE).


    Annual Report 2002

    Food-Web Modelling for Ecological Assessment of Terrestrial Pollution
    (EcolMAT) - An ESF programme

      From Natural Philosophy to Science (NPHS) - An ESF programme

    Opportunities for outstanding young scientists in Europe to create an
    independant research team

    ESF Consortium for Ocean Drilling (ECOD) - White Paper

    Thank you for your interest in the ESF activities - With good wishes for
    Christmas and the New Year


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