17.470 digital preservation

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Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 03:27:49 EST

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             Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:18:35 +0000
             From: Maurizio Lana <m.lana@lett.unipmn.it>
             Subject: Re: 17.465 digital preservation

    At 12.14 16/12/2003, Spencer Tasker <spencer@tasker.info> wrote:
    >Maurizio Lana correctly identified some of the false assumptions
    >of the Garfinkel article, however, there are a couple of points
    >which I should like to add.

    I too would like to add something to the discussion, and would like to
    point all of the humanists who can read in italian to the following article:
    "attenti, col digitale non si tramanda" (something like "beware, what's
    digital can't be left as a legacy"),
    http://www.apogeonline.com/webzine/2003/12/11/01/200312110101, coming from
    the newsletter "apogeonline", and written by Paolo Attivissimo
    He points out that while one could think of rebuilding from scratch an old
    grammophone, and actually do it, the same is not true for - say - an old
    Sinclair Z80, or any piece of electronic hardware, after the stop of the
    industrial flow which produced it.


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