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       [1] From: Brenda Danet <brenda.danet@YALE.EDU> (34)
             Subject: "The Multilingual Internet" (special issue, JCMC)

       [2] From: "J. Trant" <jtrant@archimuse.com> (53)
             Subject: Museums and the Web 2004: Preliminary Program On-line

             Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 07:55:35 +0000
             From: Brenda Danet <brenda.danet@YALE.EDU>
             Subject: "The Multilingual Internet" (special issue, JCMC)

    We are pleased to announce the publication of:

    Brenda Danet and Susan C. Herring, Eds. (2003, November). The
    Multilingual Internet: Language, Culture and Communication in
    Instant Messaging, Email and Chat. Special issue, Journal of
    Computer-Mediated Communication, volume 9, issue 1.

    Table of Contents:

    Brenda Danet and Susan C. Herring
         "Introduction: The Multilingual Internet"

    David Palfreyman and Muhamed Al-Khalil
         "'A Funky Language for Teenzz to Use:' Representing Gulf
         Arabic in Instant Messaging"

    Yukiko Nishimura
         "Linguistic Innovations and Interactional Features of
         Casual Online Communication in Japanese"

    Hsi-Yao Su
         "The Multilingual and Multi-orthographic Taiwan-based
         Internet: Creative Uses of Writing Systems on College-
         affiliated BBSs"

    Dimitris Koutsogiannis and Bessie Mitsikopoulou
         "Greeklish and Greekness: Trends and Discourses of

    Mercedes Durham
         "Language Choice on a Swiss Mailing List"

    Salvador Climent, Joaquim More, Antoni Oliver, Miriam Salvatierra,
    Imma Sanchez, Mariona Taule and Lluisa Vallmanya
         "Bilingual Newsgroups in Catalonia: A Challenge for
         Machine Translation"

    Sandi Michele de Oliveira
         "Breaking Conversational Norms on a Portuguese Users
         Network: Men as Adjudicators of Politeness?"

    Siriporn Panyametheekul and Susan C. Herring
         "Gender and Turn Allocation in a Thai Chat Room"
    To access the issue, go to http://www.ascusc.org/jcmc/vol9/issue1/.

             Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 07:58:22 +0000
             From: "J. Trant" <jtrant@archimuse.com>
             Subject: Museums and the Web 2004: Preliminary Program On-line

              Museums and the Web 2004
              Arlington, VA / Washington, DC
              April 1 - April 3, 2004

    Join hundreds of your professional colleagues from more than thirty
    countries in Washington DC for the eighth annual Museums and the Web

    ** Preliminary Program On-line **
    Full details of the MW2004 program are now on-line. Abstracts of over 50
    papers, 25 mini-workshops and professional fora, the full day Usability
    Lab, the Crit Rooms will help you choose what to attend. Full papers will
    be available on-line beginning in March.

    ** Pre-Conference Tours - March 30 **
    MW2004 is preceded by 14 different tours. Join your colleagues for a
    close-up lok at their institutions. Make your choice after reviewing the
    descriptions on-line. (Space is limited in all tours.)

    ** Pre-Conference Workshops - March 31 **
    A dozen pre-conference workshops on March 31 provide a chance to take an
    in-depth look at technologies and issues that affect your Web development.
    Full outlines are on-line. Enrollment is limited, so sign-up early.

    ** Exhibit Hall **
    Vendors of museum interactive multimedia technology, content management and
    design services will display their offerings in the MW2004 Exhibit Hall.
    Opening with a reception on the first night of the conference, you'll have
    plenty of time the next day to explore the Exhibit Hall, and find products
    and services that will help you build and maintain your web presence.

    Vendors, space is still available. See the prospectus at

    ** Registration On-line**
    Register on-line to ensure your choice of workshops and tours, and to get
    the best rate. Early Registration ends December 31, 2003, and saves at
    least $100.

    **Can't Make it -- Get the Book**
    Selected Papers from Museums and the Web 2004 will be published in a print
    volume, accompanied by all papers on CD-Rom. Order your copy on-line at

    ** Join Us! ***
    Each year, MW draws the widest range of cultural and heritage web
    designers, developers and users of any international event. Plan to join us
    at what M2003 attendees called "one of the most useful conferences I have
    been to in a long time", both "practical and fun".

    We hope to see you there!

    jennifer and David

    Museums and the Web             Archives & Museum Informatics
    Co-Chairs:                      158 Lee Avenue
    David Bearman and Jennifer Trant        Toronto, Ontario
    http://www.archimuse.com/mw.html        Canada
    phone +1 416 691 2516 / fax +1 416 352-6025 / email: info@archimuse.com

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