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From: Humanist Discussion Group (by way of Willard McCarty willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk)
Date: Sat Nov 29 2003 - 03:34:47 EST

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       [1] From: Susan Hockey <s.hockey@ucl.ac.uk> (31)
             Subject: Launch of LEADERS demonstrator - linking finding aids
                     and documents

       [2] From: "Michael R. Stolz" <M.Stolz-Hladky@unibas.ch> (26)
             Subject: Saint Gall Cod. 857

       [3] From: Gerry Mckiernan <gerrymck@IASTATE.EDU> (42)
             Subject: Invisible Hand(s): Quality Assurance in the Age of
                     Author Self-Archiving

       [4] From: Ross Scaife <scaife@UKY.EDU> (9)
             Subject: Pitch

             Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 08:23:07 +0000
             From: Susan Hockey <s.hockey@ucl.ac.uk>
             Subject: Launch of LEADERS demonstrator - linking finding aids and

    Launch of LEADERS demonstrator application, School of Library, Archive and
    Information Studies, University College London

    With apologies for cross-posting

    The LEADERS Project has developed a toolkit that delivers transcripts and
    images of archive documents over the Internet together with appropriate
    contextual material. The toolkit is built on standard methods for encoding
    texts (TEI), digital images (NISO Mix), finding aids (EAD) and authority
    records (EAC).

    The demonstrator application illustrates one instance of what can be done
    with the LEADERS toolkit. The toolkit is flexible and reusable and allows
    different design and functionality to be built using the same data set, or
    different data sets to be used with the same design and functionality.

    As test material, the demonstrator uses 17 documents from the George Orwell
    Archive and the University College London Archive both held at University
    College London.

    To view the demonstrator, visit the LEADERS Project home page
    (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/leaders-project) and click on the link to the
       demonstrator application . We welcome your comments.

    Project Director: Susan Hockey
    Project Manager: Chris Turner
    Project Archivist: Anna Sexton
    Susan Hockey
    Director of the School and
    Professor of Library and Information Studies
    School of Library, Archive and Information Studies
    University College London
    Gower Street
    London WC1E 6BT
    Phone: 020 7679 2477; Fax 020 7383 0557
    E-mail: s.hockey@ucl.ac.uk

             Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 08:23:32 +0000
             From: "Michael R. Stolz" <M.Stolz-Hladky@unibas.ch>
             Subject: Saint Gall Cod. 857

    Dear colleagues,

    the famous Saint Gall Cod. 857 containing Wolfram von Eschenbach's
    'Parzival' and 'Willehalm', the Nibelungenlied and other important medieval
    German texts has been published on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains an interface
    with digital images showing the structure of the manuscripts (quires,
    scribes etc.). By a search function following the verse numbers of
    established editions single passages in the manuscript can be accessed.
    There are also electronic transcriptions of some of the texts, and of two
    fragments written in the same scriptorium as the Saint Gall codex.

    More information (unfortunately in German) can be found at:

    The CD-ROM can be ordered at the Saint Gall Library (Stiftsbibliothek):
    E-mail: stibi@stibi.ch

    Michael Stolz


    Prof. Dr. Michael Stolz (SNF-Förderungsprofessur) Universität Basel Deutsches Seminar Arbeitsstelle Parzival-Projekt Bernoullistr. 28 CH-4056 Basel Tel.: +41 (0) 61 267 34 03 (Universität) +41 (0) 31 921 92 81 (privat) Fax: +41 (0) 61 267 34 04 URL: http://www.germa.unibas.ch/Mediaevistik/Parzival/Vorstellung/stolz.html

    --[3]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 08:26:10 +0000 From: Gerry Mckiernan <gerrymck@IASTATE.EDU> Subject: Invisible Hand(s): Quality Assurance in the Age of Author Self-Archiving

    Invisible Hand(s) Quality Assurance in the Age of Author Self-Archiving

    I am pleased to announce the publication of my recent contribution to Jekyll.comm: International Journal of Science Communication

    [ http://jekyll.sissa.it/jekyll_comm/home_eng.htm ]

    titled :

    "Invisible Hand(s) Quality Assurance in the Age of Author Self-Archiving," Jekyll.comm: International Journal of Science Communication no. 6 (September 2003)

    [ http://jekyll.sissa.it/jekyll_comm/commenti/foc06_01.ppt ]


    [http://jekyll.sissa.it/jekyll_comm/commenti/foc06_01.pdf ]

    [I am most grateful to Nico Pitrell for his kind invitation to submit to Jekyll.comm!]

    "Invisible Hand(s)" is one of four articles from the Focus section of

    Jekyll.comm devoted to Peer Review that also include contributions from Stevan Harnad, Marco Fabbrichesi, and Andrea Cerroni

    [ http://jekyll.sissa.it/jekyll_comm/focus_eng.htm ]

    The articles are extensions/continuations/elaborations of presentations made at the Peer Review in the Age of Open Archives held in Trieste, Italy, May 23-24, 2003 at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) (Gerry McKiernan, Stevan Harnad, Marco Fabbrichesi) or written for the Jekyll.comm feature (Andrea Cerroni).

    "Invisible Hand(s)" explores one of many issues related to Peer Reviewthat I address in the presentation prepared for the Trieste Workshop titled

    "Alternative Peer Review: Quality Management for 21st Century Scholarship" [ http://www.public.iastate.edu/~gerrymck/APR-1.ppt ]

    I would be Most Grateful for Any and All Comments, Queries, Critiques, Questions, or Cosmic Insights about My World View as presented in "Invisible Hand(s)" and/or "Alternative Peer Review."



    Gerry McKiernan Invisible Librarian Iowa State University Ames IA 50011


    --[4]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 08:25:24 +0000 From: Ross Scaife <scaife@UKY.EDU> Subject: Pitch

    [Forwarded from the Stoa discussion group: an announcement of a a peer reviewed online journal in Instructional and Learning Technology. --WM]

    See http://pitchjournal.org/

    Read at the bottom

    What is Pitch Journal? How Does Peer Review Work? Who Owns the Copyright?

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