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Date: Sat Oct 04 2003 - 01:51:35 EDT

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             Subject: Oxford-University-Press/Oxford-University-Eprint-Archive

    For immediate release: Friday 3 October 2003

    OUP supports Oxford University Library Services
    "Open Archives" Initiative

    Oxford University Press (OUP) is delighted to announce a partnership with
    Oxford University Library Services, (OULS) in support of the national
    SHERPA project.

    Under the terms of the agreement, OUP will provide the Systems and
    Electronic Resources (SERS) department of OULS with online access to
    articles by Oxford University-based authors published in many of the Oxford
    Journals from 2002. The articles will then be searchable via the OULS pilot
    institutional repository and available free of charge to researchers across
    the globe.

    SHERPA is a three-year project that aims to investigate the concept of
    institutional open archive repositories. The creation, population and
    management of these repositories are at the heart of the project. Oxford
    University is one of nine UK institutions currently taking part, and
    providing OULS with access to such a large mass of research will allow
    valuable experimentation and evaluation to take place.

    "I am delighted that we are the first publisher to become involved in this
    innovative project," commented Martin Richardson, Director of OUP's
    Journals Division. "Access to our online journals corpus will provide a
    substantial collection of high quality scholarly research across a broad
    range of disciplines, facilitating investigations into some key technical,
    economic and cultural issues surrounding the creation of institutional

    "It is early days for the SHERPA project at OULS," explained Frances Boyle,
    Electronic Resources Manager based at SERS. "Our first task is to set up a
    server with the eprints.org software over the coming months. The
    collaboration with OUP will enable us to populate the repository with
    quality content. This initiative will kick-start the project and will
    enable OULS to host a demonstrator system for the many interested
    stakeholders at Oxford."

    More detailed information about the project will be available later this
    year from OULS at <www.eprints.ouls.ox.ac.htm>www.eprints.ouls.ox.ac.uk
    (please note that this link is not yet live)

    For further information contact:
    Rachel Goode, Communications Manager
    Journals Division, Oxford University Press
    Great Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX2 6DP
    Tel: +44 1865 353388
    Mobile: +44 7957 491505
    Email: <mailto:rachel.goode@oupjournals.org>rachel.goode@oupjournals.org

    About Oxford University Press
    Oxford University Press (OUP) is a department of the University of Oxford.
    It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research,
    scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. OUP publishes over 180
    journals, two-thirds of which are published in collaboration with learned
    societies and other international organisations. For further information
    about the Journals Division, visit

    About OULS
    The Systems and Electronic Resources Service is the IT support facility for
    Oxford University Library Services (including the Bodleian Library) and
    provider of scholarly electronic resources across all the libraries of
    Oxford and to academic users both on and off campus. For more than a
    decade, the Oxford libraries have been at the forefront of electronic
    provision within the UK and currently provide access to one of the largest
    portfolios of scholarly electronic resources, over 500 datasets and 7,000
    electronic journals, in the UK. The range of material includes
    bibliographic, full-text, geospatial and image databases, held locally and
    on the internet in all subject areas. A strategic aim is to provide a
    "hybrid library" environment that will integrate library information
    services in a seamless and coherent manner to the benefit of users. For
    further information about OULS, visit

    About SHERPA
    SHERPA (Securing a Hybrid Environment for Research Preservation and Access)
    is a three-year project funded by JISC and CURL and hosted by Nottingham
    University. It aims to address issues surrounding the future of scholarly
    communication and publishing by creating a network of open access
    repositories to release institutionally-produced research findings onto the
    web. Nine institutions have been enlisted as development partners, with
    more to come. SHERPA will work through the technical, managerial and
    cultural issues of implementing institutionally-based open access
    repositories (so called e-print archives) that comply with the Open
    Archives Initiative standard. SHERPA will also provide information and
    advice to other institutions thinking of implementing their own
    institutional repositories.

    For more information about SHERPA, please visit

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