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Date: Wed Aug 27 2003 - 05:02:05 EDT

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             Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 09:39:45 +0100
             From: jdownie@uiuc.edu
             Subject: Music Information Retrieval Bibliography updated

    Hi colleagues:

    Just a quick note to let you know that the Music Information Retrieval
    Annotated Bibliography project (aka MIRBIB) has undergone some updating and
    housecleaning. There are now 321 records in the collection and counting.
    For those new to Music IR research, we also have browsable collection of
    "background readings" that might prove useful to you.

    Special thanks to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for its support of the
    project. Special thanks to Karen Medina and Jordan Seymour for all their
    hard work.

    MIRBIB start page:

    J. Stephen Downie

    {From the MIRBIB introductory pages}
    The Music Information Retrieval Bibliographies (MIRBIB) bring together
    items identified as being germane to Music Information Retrieval research
    and development. There are two collections within MIRBIB:

          * The "core research" bibliography
          * The "background readings" bibliography

    The first level, or "core research," bibliography brings together those
    papers which deal specifically with some aspect of MIR research and
    development. Topics include:

          * MIR system development
          * Experimentation
          * Use analyses
          * Evaluation, etc.

    The second level, or "background readings," bibliography contains a set of
    discipline-specific mini-bibliographies. Each discipline-specific
    mini-bibliography in the set has been created to provide access to the
    necessary background materials for non-expert members of the various
    disciplines engaged in MIR research to comprehend and evaluate the papers
    from each participating discipline. For example, we hope that a digital
    librarian can quickly find a background reading on audio signal processing
    that will help to make the MIR research papers that deal with signal
    processing techniques more understandable.

    This collection contains 321 documents, a total of 467 kb

         "Research funding makes the world a better place"
    J. Stephen Downie, PhD
    Assistant Professor,
    Graduate School of Library and Information Science; and,
    Fellow, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (2000-01)
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    (217) 351-5037

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