17.197 IP in Academia 2003

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         2003 UMUC Intellectual Property in Academia Workshop Series

    The Center for Intellectual Property at the University of Maryland
    University College is excited to once again host its annual asynchronous
    online workshop series that has proven to be of interest to faculty,
    university counsel, librarians, instructional design and information
    professionals! Each workshop will last approximately two weeks,
    providing the participants with an in-depth understanding of core
    intellectual property issues facing higher education.

    October 22 - November 5, 2003
    Moderated by Kenneth Crews
    Virtual Intellectual Property Scholar, CIP-UMUC, Associate Dean &
    Director, Copyright Management Center, Indiana University-Purdue
    University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

    The Copyright Act of 1976 was recently amended to accommodate digital
    educational transmissions. The new amendment, Technology, Education and
    Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002 (TEACH Act), was signed into law in
    November, 2002 and educational institutions are grappling with whether
    and how to take advantage of this new law.

    BALANCING ACTS: Fair Use and Digital Content
    November 10 - November 21, 2003
    Moderated by Georgia Harper
    Manager, Intellectual Property Section of The University of Texas System
    Office of General Counsel

    This workshop will introduce you to the counterpart of copyright: the
    lawful right to use copyright protected works owned by others without
    their permission. The confusion faced when determining the parameters of
    U.S. Copyright Act fair use provisions is often compounded when facing
    digital content. Where does the TEACH act end and fair use begin? Or
    should it be stated in reverse? Gain an in-depth understanding of the
    fair use issues facing higher education today and learn how to address
    them in the company of an expert.

    February 10-February 28, 2004
    Moderated by Kimberly Kelley
    Associate Provost and Executive Director, Center for Intellectual
    Property and Copyright in the Digital Environment, University of
    Maryland University College

    Can assignments be redesigned to avoid plagiarism and foster academic
    integrity in online and face-to-face classrooms? What collaborative
    efforts between classroom faculty and librarians can assist in
    prevention? What resources are available to assist in managing this
    classroom concern? Join the participants in identifying methods for
    educating students about plagiarism and encouraging academic integrity
    in teaching and learning.

    These online workshops will include course readings, live chats and
    online discussions. Participants will receive daily response and
    feedback from the workshop moderators. Please visit the web site for
    workshop descriptions and objectives:

    Register early since space is limited. Early Registration is $125 each,
    Regular $150 each, Two workshops $225, Three workshops is only $300! A
    significant discount is given for full time graduate students until
    places are filled; please consult the website for details.

          To register online- http://www.umuc.edu/distance/odell/cip/ipa
       For additional information call 301-985-7777 or visit our web site
                at http://www.umuc.edu/distance/odell/cip/ipa

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