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             Subject: cfp: Computers and Writing Conference

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             Subject: paris -- ichim 03 -- september

             Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 09:04:04 +0100
             From: zuern@hawaii.edu
             Subject: cfp: Computers and Writing Conference

    Call for Proposals
    Computers and Writing Conference
    June 10-13, 2004
    Honolulu, Hawai'i

    Submission deadline: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 via the electronic
    submission form on the conference web site
    Email address: cw2004@hawaii.edu

    The Twentieth Computers and Writing Conference will meet in Honolulu,
    Hawai'i from Thursday, June 10 to Sunday, June 13, 2004, hosted by the
    Department of Language Arts at University of Hawai'i Kapi'olani Community
    College and the Department of English at the University of Hawai'i at

    The conference theme, Writing in Globalization: Currents, Waves, Tides,
    points to the immense but sometimes unrecognized impact of globalization
    on the cultural, social, linguistic, and institutional contexts in which
    we work. Many people in the computers and writing community are
    incorporating perspectives on globalization into our research and
    teaching, trying to understand how global systems intersect with our local
    engagements with information technology, writing instruction, rhetoric,
    literary studies, distance learning initiatives, and our personal writing

    We invite proposals for papers, panels, roundtables, workshops, and poster
    See the conference web site for details on formats.
    Presentation topics might include, but are not limited to:

    * Local Knowledges, Global Systems
    * Distance Learning in the Global Marketplace
    * Computers, Writing, and the Future of Work
    * Languages, Technologies, and Bodies
    * Teaching Writing and Literature in Postcolonial/Neocolonial/Imperial
    * English and Other Languages
    * Alternative Rhetorics in Emerging Networks
    * Diversifying Hypertext/Multimedia Theory and Practice
    * Writing and Visual/Spatial Design
    * Activist Writing in the Classroom and the World
    * Computers and Writing Across Disciplines
    * Computers and Writing Across Levels of Education
    * Assessment in Computers and Writing
    * Community Action and Community Computing
    * Professional Issues in Computers and Writing

    All proposals must be received by Wednesday, October 15, 2003. Submissions
    will be accepted beginning September 8, 2003, and must be sent through the
    conference web site at <http://www.hawaii.edu/cw2004>. Program
    participants will be selected through an anonymous peer review process.

    Discussion List
    The local organizers will host a discussion list to keep prospective
    attendees up to date on conference developments. Go to
    <http://www.hawaii.edu/cw2004/discussion.html> for details on how to

    Conference Program
    The conference will include panels, poster sessions, roundtable
    discussions, and town hall meetings. As in the past, the conference will
    partner with the Graduate Research Network, the mentoring program, and the
    Computers and Writing 2004 Online Conference. Attendees will also have the
    opportunity to visit Hawai'i-based projects and schools that are
    integrating writing, computing, and community service in innovative ways.

    Keynote Speakers
       * Nancy Kaplan, Director of the School of Information Arts and
    Technologies and Professor in the School of Communications Design,
    University of Baltimore

    * Douglas Kellner, George F. Kneller Philosophy of Education Chair, Social
    Sciences and Comparative Education, UCLA

    * Stuart Moulthrop, Professor in the School of Information Arts and
    Technologies and the School of Communications Design, University of

    Contact Conference Hosts:
    Judi Kirkpatrick
    Department of Language Arts
    Kapi'olani Community College

    Darin Payne
    Department of English
    University of Hawai'i at Manoa

    John Zuern
    Department of English
    University of Hawai'i at Manoa

    Phone: 808.734.9331

    John Zuern
    Associate Professor, Department of English
    Kuykendall Hall 402, 1733 Donaghho Road
    University of Hawai`i
    Honolulu, HI 96822
    zuern@hawaii.edu (808) 956-3019 fax: (808) 956-3083

             Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 09:05:05 +0100
             From: mailing@ichim.org
             Subject: paris -- ichim 03 -- september

    Le Louvre, Aug. 8th, 2003

    As we approach the end of Summer, you still have time
    to take the most exciting and educational trip of the

    Come to ICHIM 03, the international conference for
    Cultural Institutions and Digital Technology, which
    will take place September 8-12, 2003, at Le Louvre in
    Paris, France!

    You can afford it: Air France is offering discounts
    on already low airfares to all ICHIM registrants.
    Housing for the entire week is available at the lovely
    Cité internationale, located just a few bus/metro stops
    away from Le Louvre, starting at 170 euros per person,
    all inclusive.

    Check out the ICHIM 03 website <www.ichim.org>. You will
    find details about the conference schedule and our
    preliminary workshops, featuring "The Wireless
    Museum", a free workshop offered by Antenna Audio.

    Paris and ICHIM 03 await you this September!

         les Institutions Culturelles et le Numérique
         Cultural institutions and Digital Technology
                I C H I M 0 3 L O U V R E
         Paris, Ecole du Louvre, 8 - 12 Sept 03

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