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    (1)ECSCW 2003

    edited by

    Kari Kuutti
    University of Oulu, Finland

    Eija Helena Karsten
    University of Turku, Finland

    Geraldine Fitzpatrick
    Sapient Ltd., London & University of Sussex, Brighton, UK

    Paul Dourish
    University of California, Irvine, USA

    Kjeld Schmidt
    IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    The emergence and widespread use of personal computers and network
    technologies has seen the development of interest in the use of computers
    to support cooperative work. This volume presents the proceedings of the
    eighth European conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW).
    This is a multidisciplinary area which embraces both the development of new
    technologies and an understanding of the grounding of CSCW technologies in
    real-world social practices.
    These proceedings contain a collection of papers that encompass activities
    in the field. These include papers addressing new interaction technologies
    for CSCW systems, new models and architectures for groupware systems,
    studies of communication and coordination among mobile actors, studies of
    groupware systems in use in real-world settings, and theories and
    techniques to support the development of cooperative applications. The
    papers present emerging technologies alongside new methods and approaches
    to the development of this important class of applications.
    The work in this volume represents the best of the current research and
    practice within CSCW. The collection of papers presented here will appeal
    to both researchers and practitioners alike as they combine an
    understanding of the nature of work with the possibilities offered by new

    Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-1573-9 Date: August 2003 Pages: 401 pp.
    EURO 125.00 / USD 138.00 / GBP 86.00

    Data Mining and Decision Support
    Integration and Collaboration

    edited by

    Dunja Mladeni!
    Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Nada Lavra
    J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Marko Bohanec
    Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Steve Moyle
    Computing Laboratory, University of Oxford, UK


    Data mining deals with finding patterns in data that are by
    user-definition, interesting and valid. It is an interdisciplinary area
    involving databases, machine learning, pattern recognition, statistics,
    visualization and others.
    Decision support focuses on developing systems to help decision-makers
    solve problems. Decision support provides a selection of data analysis,
    simulation, visualization and modeling techniques, and software tools such
    as decision support systems, group decision support and mediation systems,
    expert systems, databases and data warehouses.
    Independently, data mining and decision support are well-developed research
    areas, but until now there has been no systematic attempt to integrate
    them. Data Mining And Decision Support: Integration andCollaboration,
    written by leading researchers in the field, presents a conceptual
    framework, plus the methods and tools for integrating the two disciplines
    and for applying this technology to business problems in a collaborative

    Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-7388-7 Date: August 2003 Pages: 304 pp.
    EURO 113.00 / USD 125.00 / GBP 78.00

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