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Date: Sat Jul 26 2003 - 02:26:20 EDT

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             Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 06:13:03 +0100
             From: Ross Scaife <scaife@UKY.EDU>
             Subject: Stoa reprint: Mueller, Children of Oedipus

    >Those of you interested in the classical tradition or in drama will
    >want to know about the newest text at the Stoa. It's an expanded
    >reprint of Martin Mueller's Children of Oedipus (originally Toronto
    >1980), including three essays which appeared after the first edition
    >of the book, in the journals Renaissance Drama, Modern Drama, and
    >Arion. Another chapter, on Mozart's Idomeneo, is new for the on-line
    >edition and includes links to musical examples, both as scores and as
    >sound files, thanks to the Variations Project at the University of
    >Indiana http://www.dlib.indiana.edu/variations/scores/ ).
    >Mueller's book is at http://www.stoa.org/cgi-bin/ptext?doc=2000.01.0007
    >--Anne Mahoney
    >Tufts University
    >Stoa Consortium

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