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             Subject: ichim03: Cultural Institutions and Digital Technology

    Apologies for any duplication -- please forward as appropriate.

              ichim03 -- the International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting
              Cultural Institutions and Digital Technology

                      September 8-12, 2003
                      Ecole du Louvre, Paris, France

    The Program: September 10-12, 2003
    See http://www.archimuse.com/ichim03/ for an overview.

    The ichim03 program includes a full range of papers, presentations
    and panel discussions. Five major themes will be explored, presented,
    analyzed and discussed by one hundred speakers:

    1. The political, economic, legal and technical frameworks for cultural
    institutions and digital publishing in a digital age;
    2. Management and technological strategies for digitization of cultural
    3. Dissemination, exploitation and enrichment of digital assets;
    4. Museum and interactive exhibitions;
    5. Digital art and the creation of a digital culture today.

    Pre-Conference Workshops: September 8-9, 2003
    See http://www.archimuse.com/ichim03/workshops/ for a full list.

    Experienced professionals offer in-depth training in an exceptional range
    pre-conference workshops September 8-9, 2003. Take this opportunity to
    learn a new skill, or deepen your understanding of an area you are working in.

    You can register for ichim03 and pay in either US$ or Euros.

    * To register in US$ see http://www.archimuse.com/ichim03/register/

    * To Register in Euros see http://www.ichim.org/

    About ichim03
    The International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting (ICHIM) is,
    traditionally, the best international forum in which to examine the
    relationship between technology and Cultural Heritage. ICHIM has been held
    every two years since 1991, alternating between North America and Europe.

    We're meeting at the Ecole du Louvre, Paris, France, following successful
    meetings at Le Louvre in Paris (97), and Washington D.C. (99)
    and the Politecnico di Milano (01). We expect at least 500 specialists,
    from museums, cultural organizations, universities, research institutes,
    technology companies and organizations to join us this fall in Paris.

    ichim03 is organized by Archives & Museum Informatics and Archives & Museum
    Informatics, Europe, in association with the Ecole du Louvre, Paris, France.

    Published proceedings for this and all past ICHIM meetings are available.
    Order your copy at http://www.archimuse.com/pub.order.html

    We hope to see you in Paris!

    ichim2003                               Ecole du Louvre, Paris, France
    Archives & Museum Informatics           September 8-12, 2003
    158 Lee Ave, Toronto
    Ontario, M43 2P3 Canada                 http://www.archimuse.com/ichim03/

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