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Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 05:47:15 EDT

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             From: Ray Siemens <siemensr@mala.bc.ca>
             Subject: FW: New SSHRC Program "Image, Text, Sound and Technology"

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    Title: Image, Text, Sound and Technology: A strategic research support
    program (Summer Institute, Workshop, and Conference Grants)
    Value: Up to $50,000
    Duration: 1 year
    Deadline: September 15/03

    "This program will provide funding for researchers and their graduate
    students to develop expertise in applying advanced technology through
    summer institutes, workshops and conferences."

    The overall objectives of this program are to:
    * reflect on, interpret, and analyze new digital media, multimedia, and
    text-based computing technologies.
    * facilitate applying these technologies for research, conception,
    modeling, analysis, testing, and dissemination-and in ways that reduce
    rather than increase workloads while also advancing research knowledge.
    * bring together theorists, experimentalists, and technologists from
    different disciplines, to share and nurture ideas and methods that
    challenge research to advance through the use of audio-visual and
    text-based technologies; facilitate the creation of national and
    international networks of, and partnerships among, researchers,
    industries, governments, and individuals that will promote and sustain
    social sciences and humanities research and resources worldwide

    Possible topics and areas to be addressed include:
    * electronic editing and publishing;
    * e-literature studies;
    * Web programming;
    * immersive and virtual environments in multimedia research;
    * textual analysis;
    * 3 -D imaging technology;
    * creativity, culture, and computing;
    * digital image design;
    * information aesthetics;
    * computer gaming;
    * knowledge transfer of research results to fellow researchers,
    decision makers and the public at large.
    Please note that the following are not eligible for support under this
    * digitization of collections of images, books, or sounds;
    * support for routine computer applications from which little new
    knowledge about image, text, and sound technology will emerge;
    * creation of stand-alone major research tools;
    * research activities, already funded under other SSHRC programs, that
    do not need transformative multimedia and new media technologies;
    * development of technological infrastructure.

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