17.134 research on blogging

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Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 05:43:12 EDT

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             Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 09:54:21 +0100
             From: Vika Zafrin <vika@wordsend.org>
             Subject: Re: 17.125 research on blogging

    Hello Humanists,

    Adrian mentioned aoir.org, and looking at their site, I see a conference in
    Toronto this coming October. The whole thing is dedicated to Internet
    research, and there are at least a few panels on blogging. More
    information, including a link to a detailed program schedule, is at:


    Also, Gerda and Willard write:

    >forgive my ignorance. I must have missed/deleted something - what is
    >Gerda Elata-Alster
    >[PS -- Here is an *excellent* opportunity to produce a simple,
    >straightforward definition. Who could resist? --WM]

    Jill Walker, whom Adrian also mentioned, has written a definition of
    "weblog" on her, well, weblog. This will go into an encyclopedia of
    narrative theory, which looks interesting as a whole. The URL of the post is:


    And while I'm on a roll with URLs, I've finally written up ACH/ALLC
    2003. It's a very personal account; I do not pretend to have covered
    everything or even everything that's important. But for what it's worth,
    if anyone is interested, the post is at




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