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    Interdisciplinary Computing in Java Programming Language


    Sun-Chong Wang
    TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC, Canada


    Books on computation in the marketplace tend to discuss the topics within
    specific fields. Many computational algorithms, however, share common
    roots. Great advantages emerge if numerical methodologies break the
    boundaries and find their uses across disciplines. Interdisciplinary
    Computing In Java Programming Language introduces readers of different
    backgrounds to the beauty of the selected algorithms. Serious quantitative
    researchers, writing customized codes for computation, enjoy cracking
    source codes as opposed to the black-box approach. Most C and Fortran
    programs, despite slightly faster in program execution, lack built-in
    support for plotting and graphical user interface. This book selects Java
    as the platform where source codes are developed and applications are run,
    helping readers/users best appreciate the fun of computation.
    Interdisciplinary Computing In Java Programming Languageintroduces Java
    Programming language within the first part of the book. The second part
    includes ten chapters of algorithms. Each chapter includes a detailed
    example application. The approach is therefore to elucidate the
    algorithm(s) in the first half of the chapter, while devoting the rest of
    the chapter to materializing the algorithmic concepts in Java with a
    judiciously chosen example application. Other distinctive features of this
    book include distributed/parallel computing and animation in Java.
    Interdisciplinary Computing In Java Programming Language is designed to
    meet the needs of a professional audience composed of practitioners and
    researchers in science and technology. This book is also suitable for
    senior undergraduate and graduate-level students in computer science, as a
    secondary text.

    Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-7513-8 Date: July 2003 Pages: 282 pp.
    EURO 128.00 / USD 125.00 / GBP 80.00

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