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Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 02:17:28 EDT

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             Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2003 07:11:07 +0100
             From: Charles Ess <cmess@lib.drury.edu>
             Subject: CATaC conference publication

    Excerpted from a message to the organizers of and participants in the
    "Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication" (CATaC)
    conference, with thanks. --WM]

    We're very pleased to announce that a second set of papers, largely from
    CATaC'00, have likewise been published in EJC / REC:
    Volume 12 (3-4) 2002: Liberation in Cyberspace ... Or Computer-Mediated
    Colonization / Liberation en Cyberspace ou Colonisation Assistee par
    Ordinateur? Edited by Fay Sudweeks and Charles Ess.
    [See http://www.cios.org/www/ejc/v12n34.htm.]
    This special issue is made up of the introduction and the following:

    How Cultural Differences Affect the Use of Information and Communication
    Technology in Dutch-American Mergers /Comment les Différences Culturelles
    Affectent l'Usage de l'Information et de la Communication Technologique dans
    les Fusions Hollandaises et Américaines
    Frits D. J. Grotenhuis
    KPMG, Amsterdam

    Intrinsic and Imposed Motivations to Join the Global Technoculture:
    Broadening the conceptual discourse on accessibilit y/ Les motivations
    intrinsèques et imposées pour faire partie de la techno culture mondiale:
    Elargissement du discours conceptuel sur l¹accessibilité.
    Dineh Moghdam Davis
    University of Hawaii at Manoa

    Internet: Clusters of Attractiveness/ Internet: Poles d¹attraction
    Alexander E. Voiskounsky
    Moscow Lomonosov State University

    The Internet: Producing or Transforming Culture and Gender? /L¹Internet
    est-il en voix de Générer ou de transformer la culture ou le genre?
    Nai Li and Gill Kirkup
    The Open University

    Nerdy No More: A case study of early Wired (1993-96) /Une étude des
    précurseurs de l¹Internet (1993-96)
    Ann Willis
    Edith Cowan University, Australia

    Cyberpower: The Culture and Politics of Cyberspace /Cyberpower Culture et
      politique du Cyberspace
    Tim Jordan
    Open University

    Transformations in the Mediation of Publicness: Communicative Interaction in
    the Network Society /Les Transformations dans la Médiation du Publique:
    l'Interaction Communicative dans la Société de Réseau
    David Holmes
    University of New South Wales

    The Kindernetz: Electronic Communication and the Paradox of Individuality
    /The Kindernetz: Communication Electronique et Paradoxe de l'Individualité
    Hans-Georg Möller
    Bonn University

    In addition, we have just learned that Teri has accepted for publication in
    EJC/REC a set of papers from CATaC'02, by the following authors:

    Hasan Cakir, Barbara Bichelmeyer and Kursat Cagiltay

    Penne Wilson, Ana Nolla and Charlotte Gunawardena

    Charlotte Gunawardena, Sharon Walsh, Leslie Reddinger, Ethel Gregory, Yvonne
    Lake and Annie Davies

    Ylva Hård af Segerstad

    Hans-Juergen Bucher

    Dineh Davis

    Jean-Paul Van Belle and Adrie Stander

    If all goes according to plan, these should appear as issue 3 or 4 in 2004.

    Finally, in addition to the special issue on

    "Liberatory Potentials and Practices of CMC in the Middle East," Journal of
    Computer-Mediated Communication, Vol. 8, issue 2, 2003.

    that features papers from CATaC'02,
    we have also submitted additional collections of CATaC'02 papers for
    consideration to two other journals (one print and one electronic), and are
    awaiting what we hope will be equally positive news.

    In the meantime, please take a moment to congratulate these authors - and
    spread the word about CATaC'04!

    With all best wishes in the meantime,

    Charles Ess
    Fay Sudweeks

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