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Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 11:56:28 EDT

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             Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 16:53:11 +0100
             From: Oxford Text Archive <info@ota.ahds.ac.uk>
             Subject: Investigating Free E-books, Workshop, Oxford June 13th

    Would you be interested in attending the workshop 'Investigating Free
    E-books' in Oxford on June 13th? The workshop is free, and travel expenses
    can be paid by Oxford University.

    The Oxford Text Archive (http://ota.ahds.ac.uk) is undertaking an
    investigation into free e-books and their potential use within the HE and FE
    communities on behalf of the JISC/DNER E-Book Working Group. You can see
    more about this project at http://ota.ahds.ac.uk/ebooks/JISC/.

    UK academics and librarians are invited to participate in the workshop
    'Investigating Free E-Books' at Oxford University Computing Services on
    Friday 13th June 2003, running from 11am to 4pm. This workshop will have two
    parts: in the morning there will be talks highlighting free e-book resources
    available on the web and explaining what can be done with them in learning
    and teaching. In the afternoon there will be two parallel focus group
    sessions investigating in some depth the issues which are addressed by this
    survey. A free buffet lunch will be provided for all focus group
    participants. There will also be an opportunity over the lunch break to use
    and explore some of the relevant resources, software tools and devices.

    It is also possible to come just for the morning session, but we are keen to
    find out your reactions to the information presented in the morning and any
    other relevant experience you have.

    If you are interested in attending this workshop, please email
    ebooks@ota.ahds.ac.uk. Please indicate your name, contact email address and
    the nature of your experience or interest in ebooks in teaching and
    learning. The number of places is limited, and in order to organise lunch,
    expenses and the focus group discussions the participants will need to
    register in this way in advance.

    If you are unable to come, or know someone who is better suited to take
    part, please feel free to pass this invitation on. We are keen to find out
    more about the potential and the problems of uptake of free ebooks from
    teachers, librarians, resource creators or developers, managers or other
    interested parties.

    For any further information about the project, the survey or the workshop,
    please email ebooks@ota.ahds.ac.uk.

    Programme for the day:

    1030 Registration, tea and coffee
    1100 Welcome and introduction to the day
    1115 Talks - free ebooks on the web:
              what they are, where to find them and
              how to use them in teaching and learning.
    1245 Discussion
    1300 Lunch and opportunity to use resources in the multimedia lab
    1400 Focus Group discussions
    1550 Prize draw and close of workshop

    Travel expenses from within the UK will be paid to focus group participants
    producing valid receipts (within certain limits). There will be a prize draw
    for 2 Palm PDAs. The names of focus group participants will be entered into
    the draw. (This will take place in addition to the draw for a further two
    Palms in which all respondents to the FE questionnaire will be entered.)


    Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS)
    13 Banbury Road
    OX3 6NN

    We regret that car-parking facilities are not available, but Oxford does
    offer an excellent park & ride service. OUCS is 20 minutes walk from Oxford
    railway station, or a 10 minute taxi ride.

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