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    The May 2003 issue of D-Lib Magazine (http://www.dlib.org/) is now available.

    In this issue there are six articles, a book review, several smaller
    features in D-Lib Magazine's 'In Brief' column, excerpts from recent press
    releases, and news of upcoming conferences and other items of interest in
    'Clips and Pointers'. The Featured Collection for May is Albumen
    Photographs: History, Science and Preservation, courtesy of Timothy Vitale,
    Preservation Associates; Paul Messier, Boston Art Conservation; Walter
    Henry, Stanford University Libraries; and John Burke, Oakland Museum of

    The articles include:

    Usage Analysis for the Identification of Research Trends in Digital Libraries
    Johan Bollen, Soma Sekhara Vemulapalli and Weining Xu, Old Dominion
    University; and Rick Luce, Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Keepers of the Crumbling Culture: What Digital Preservation Can Learn from
    Library History
    Deanna Marcum and Amy Friedlander, Council on Library and Information Resources

    Patterns of Journal Use by Scientists through Three Evolutionary Phases
    Carol Tenopir, Matt Grayson, Yan Zhang and Mercy Ebuen, University of
    Tennessee; Donald W. King, University of Pittsburgh; and Peter Boyce, Maria
    Mitchell Association

    Developing a Content Management System-based Web Site
    Clare Rogers, National Trust, and John Kirriemuir, Ceangal

    Exploring Charging Models for Digital Cultural Heritage in Europe
    Simon Tanner, University of Hertfordshire, and Marilyn Deegan, Oxford

    Visions: The Academic Library in 2012
    James W. Marcum, Fairleigh Dickinson University

    The book reviewed is:

    XML for Libraries
    Roy Tennant, Editor, Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., 2002
    Reviewed by: Priscilla Caplan, Florida Center for Library Automation

    D-Lib has mirror sites at the following locations:

    UKOLN, University of Bath, Bath, England

    The Australian National University Sunsite, Canberra, Australia

    State Library of Lower Saxony and the University Library of Goettingen,

    Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

    (If the mirror site closest to you is not displaying the May 2003 issue of
    D-Lib Magazine at this time, please check back later. There is a delay
    between the time the magazine is released in the United States and the time
    when the mirroring process has been completed.)

    Bonnie Wilson
    D-Lib Magazine

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