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             Subject: "Creating IP Policy" Report on NINCH Copyright Town
    Meeting Available

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    April 29, 2002

            Report Now Available on NINCH Copyright Town Meeting
                     Creating IP Policy in the University

                        * Laura Gasaway & Georgia Harper Advise
               on First Steps in Changing & Creating Copyright Policy *

    How does institutional copyright policy help or hinder the fertile and
    responsible production of online scholarly and cultural communication? Does
    it promote and clarify the university's values? If faculty or students are
    frustrated by a policy that doesn't recognize their new online production,
    what re-course can they take? How does any one faculty member or student
    take the first steps in changing copyright policy at a university?

    These were a few of the key questions behind a full-day NINCH Copyright
    Town Meeting, including a 3-hour practical workshop in analyzing and
    creating copyright policy, that took place at the University of Oregon in
    Eugene last November.

    A report on the meeting and workshop is now available on the NINCH web site
    at: http://www.ninch.org/copyright/2001/eugenereport.html.

    The meeting encompassed a talk by Oregon's own JQ Johnson (Academic
    Education Coordinator at the University Library), who placed the specific
    discussion of courseware ownership within the context of higher-education
    intellectual property policy in general.

    Laura Gasaway (Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library at the
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) advised participants on key
    elements to success in creating policy, based on her involvement in putting
    together the new UNC copyright policy (Professor Gasaway is author of the
    recently published, "Drafting a Faculty Copyright Ownership Policy," The
    Technology Source, (March/April 2002)

    The eminently practical Georgia Harper (manager of the intellectual
    property section of University of Texas System's Office of General Counsel
    and author of the popular online "Copyright Crash Course,") took the town
    meeting participants through the key steps of analyzing existing policy, in
    order to "Get the Ball Rolling."

    Gerald Barnett, Director of Software & Copyright Ventures at the University
    of Washington, gave a refreshing view of copyright management from the
    perspective of the Technology Transfer office. Though different from other
    IP regimes, copyright should be seen more often in the context of other
    types of intellectual property, he said. Frustrated by the forensic nature
    of much IP policy, Barnett saw the justification of IP policy when it acts
    as a mechanism for managing relationships that enhance productivity: "How
    do you rally the resources to make things happen?"

    The afternoon workshop brought the participants into an enthusiastic
    analysis of the IP policies of six universities and the drafting of
    elements they considered key in 8 scenarios presented by the meeting's

    Under the auspices of its Town Meetings Working Group, NINCH is working
    closely with a local committee is preparing a similar meeting for the 2002
    annual conference of the Museum Computer Network, on the creation of
    copyright policy in museums.

    The NINCH Copyright Town Meetings are made possible by a grant from the
    Samuel H. Kress Foundation


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