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Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 02:11:10 EDT

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       [1] From: Magali Duclaux <duclaux@elda.fr> (36)
             Subject: ELRA News

       [2] From: "J. Trant - Executive Director" (145)
             Subject: New AMICO Distributor: Cartography Associates

             Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 07:01:00 +0100
             From: Magali Duclaux <duclaux@elda.fr>
             Subject: ELRA News

    ELRA - European Language Resources Association

    We are pleased to announce two new resources
    available in our catalogue of language resources:

    S0121 Turkish Speech Database
    S0122 German SpeechDat-Car Database

    A short description of these two new resources is given below.
    Please visit the online catalogue to get further details:

    S0121 Turkish Continuous and Isolated Word Speech Database
    The Turkish speech database contains 14 hours of read speech
    (1618 words) from 43 Turkish speakers (adults over 18; 22 males,
    21 females).

    S0122 German SpeechDat-Car Database
    The German SpeechDat-Car database comprises 338 German
    speakers (159 females, 179 males) recorded over the mobile telephone
    network. Each speaker uttered over 120 read and spontaneous items.


    The Erlanger Bahnansage - ERBA - database, reference S0013,
    is now available for commercial use:
    Price for members: 6263.29 Euro
    (Reminder - price for research use: 511.29 Euro)
    Price for non-members: 6774.58 Euro
    (Rminder - price for research use: 1022.58 Euro)

    For further information, please contact:
    55-57 rue Brillat-Savarin
    F-75013 Paris, France
    Tel: +33 01 43 13 33 33
    Fax: +33 01 43 13 33 30
    E-mail mapelli@elda.fr
    or visit our Web site:
    or http://www.elda.fr

             Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 07:01:57 +0100
             From: "J. Trant - Executive Director" <jtrant@AMICO.ORG>
             Subject: New AMICO Distributor: Cartography Associates

    Art Museum Image Consortium
    Enabling Educational Use of Museum Multimedia

    AMICO Press Release
    March 25, 2002

    Greater Delivery Choices for The AMICO Library (TM): David Rumsey and AMICO
    Sign Distribution Agreement
    Rumsey chooses Luna's Insight software as distribution environment

    AMICO Headquarters; Pittsburgh, PA - The Art Museum Image Consortium
    (AMICO) and Cartography Associates, owned by David Rumsey, have signed a
    distribution agreement to deliver The AMICO Library (TM) for higher
    education and scholarly use. Cartography Associates, a provider of online
    digital images of rare 18th and 19th century North and South American
    cartographic history materials, is the latest in a series of distributors,
    announced in recent months, making The AMICO Library available at
    reasonable rates with different functional and interface flexibility. Our
    objective is to make The AMICO Library widely available for a variety of
    user types, from small art institutes to large public library systems, K-12
    schools to state universities, and to provide users with a choice of
    service providers so they may select one that particularly suits their
    unique needs.
    For its presentation of The AMICO Library, Cartography Associates has
    chosen Luna Imaging's Insight software as the delivery platform. The
    collection will be available for the Fall 2002 term to educators and
    scholars within institutions, as well as for individual unaffiliated
    scholars, for an annual subscription rate. Luna Imaging will provide
    hosting and customer services for Cartography Associates.

    As AMICO's Executive Director, Jennifer Trant, notes, "Cartography
    Associates is a wonderful addition to our growing group of
    distributors. David Rumsey's existing experience with online image
    distribution and his alliance with Luna Imaging are of great interest to
    AMICO. We hope these connections will help build links to and added
    functionality for a much broader range of scholarly users of The AMICO
    Library in communities beyond those we currently serve. David Rumsey's
    vision coordinates well with AMICO's desire to widen and deepen educational
    use of museum collections through network technologies."

    The addition of The AMICO Library as the second collection of Cartography
    Associates supports the vision of David Rumsey to provide a broad range of
    cultural materials to both educators and scholars and the ability to
    integrate cultural materials from several disciplines in ways never before
    achieved for scholarly exploration at the highest level of quality possible
    using the Internet.

    "I am pleased to be able to bring this important collection from major
    museums together with powerful software that I believe in," Rumsey
    says. "I want to make the availability of The AMICO Library as affordable
    and as accessible to as many people as possible. My relationship with Luna
    Imaging will allow us to serve customers by offering an exciting array of
    software tools for accessing and viewing this outstanding collection of art

    About David Rumsey and Cartography Associates
       Cartography Associates provides presentation of historical maps and other
    culturally significant materials for research and education using the
    Internet. Cartography Associates was founded by map collector David Rumsey
    in 1996 to provide online distribution of digital images from his private
    collection of rare 18th and 19th century North and South American
    maps. The David Rumsey Map Collection, one of the largest private map
    collections in the United States, numbers over 150,000 maps and includes
    rare atlases, charts, globes, wall maps and related items. The online
    collection, currently numbering over 6,500 maps, is a growing cross section
    of the physical collection and is highly regarded by researchers and the
    public alike, as evidenced by the thousands of Web site visitors each day
    to www.davidrumsey.com. Rumsey's site has been featured in Wired Magazine,
    USA Today, and TechTV and has received numerous Web awards, including Yahoo
    Pick of the Week, and Best of the Net from About.com

    For more information regarding the availability of The AMICO Library from
    Cartography Associates, contact Jennifer Zabriskie at 310 274 8787, ext. 121.

    About AMICO

    The Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO) is a growing, independent
    non-profit (501c3) corporation. Founded in 1997, the Consortium today is
    made up of over 35 major museums in the United States, Canada, and the
    United Kingdom. It's an innovative collaboration - not seen before in
    museums - that shares, shapes, and standardizes digital information
    regarding museum collections and enables its educational use. Membership
    is open to any institution with a collection of art.

    Together AMICO Members build The AMICO LibraryTM a compilation of
    multimedia documentation of works in their collections. The 2002 edition
    of The AMICO Library documents approximately 100,000 different works of
    art, from prehistoric goddess figures to contemporary installations; new
    works are added annually. More than simply an image database, AMICO
    Library works are fully documented and may include curatorial text,
    detailed provenance information, multiple views, and other related
    multimedia. Subscribers find The AMICO Library valuable because it
    combines the immediacy and accessibility of the Web with the persistence
    and academic weight of traditional library reference sources.

    The AMICO Library is accessible over secure networks to licensed
    subscribers such as universities, colleges, libraries, schools, and
    museums. Over 3 million users on four continents include faculty, students,
    teachers, staff, researchers, and public library patrons. Educational
    subscribers receive access to The AMICO Library through one of our
    Distributors. A subscription to The AMICO Library provides rights to use
    works for a broad range of educational purposes. Potential subscribers may
    preview a Thumbnail Catalog of The AMICO Library, request a free trial from
    our Distributors, and get further information at http://www.amico.org.

    Contact Information

    Jennifer Trant
    Executive Director
    Art Museum Image Consortium
    Phone: +1 412 422 8533
    Email: info@amico.org
    Web: http://www.amico.org

    AMICO Members

       Albright-Knox Art Gallery
    Art Gallery of Ontario
    The Art Institute of Chicago
    Asia Society Gallery
    Center for Creative Photography
    Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
    The Cleveland Museum of Art
    Dallas Museum of Art
    Davis Museum & Cultural Center, Wellesley College
    Denver Art Museum
    The Detroit Institute of Arts
    Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
    The Frick Collection and Art Reference Library
    George Eastman House
    J. Paul Getty Museum
    The Library of Congress
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art
       Louisiana State Museum
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
    The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
    Muse d'art contemporain de Montral
    Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    National Gallery of Canada
    National Museums of Scotland
    The Newark Museum
    Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
    Philadelphia Museum of Art
    San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    Smithsonian American Art Museum
    Terra Museum of American Art
    Victoria & Albert Museum
    Walker Art Center
    The Walters Art Museum
    Whitney Museum of American Art

    J. Trant                        2008 Murray Ave, Suite D
    Executive Director              Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA
    Art Museum Image Consortium
    http://www.amico.org            Phone: +1 412 422 8533
    jtrant@amico.org                Fax: +1 412 422 8594

    AMICO - Enabling Educational Use of Museum Multimedia ________

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