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Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 06:00:14 EST

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       [1] From: Yorick Wilks <yorick@dcs.shef.ac.uk> (17)
             Subject: White Rose Studentship

       [2] From: Magali Duclaux <duclaux@elda.fr> (32)
             Subject: ELRA News

       [3] From: Willard McCarty <w.mccarty@btinternet.com> (63)
             Subject: Computerworld honours Theatron

             Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 11:54:38 +0100
             From: Yorick Wilks <yorick@dcs.shef.ac.uk>
             Subject: White Rose Studentship

    The Universities of Leeds and Sheffield, UK, are offering a "White Rose"
    3-year PhD studentship, beginning October 2002 on a project entitled
    "Characterising the impact of machine translation on information extraction
    in an integrated knowledge management environment".

    Candidates should have expertise in the formal description of English
    grammar, holding a good Honours or Masters degree in, for example, modern
    languages, linguistics or computer science. They should have good reading
    knowledge of one language among Fr, De, Es, It, Ja, Pt, Ru and Zh, and feel
    comfortable with high-level computer tools for corpus annotation.

    The project will be jointly supervised by Prof. Tony Hartley, Centre for
    Translation Studies, Leeds, and Prof. Yorick Wilks, Department of Computer
    Science, Sheffield. The post will be based in Leeds but involve regular
    visits to Sheffield, approximately 1 hour distant.

    The studentship provides tuition fees, an annual maintenance grant of 8,000
    and a contribution towards research expenses.

    For further details, see http://www.leeds.ac.uk/rds/white-rose.htm

    Closing date: 19 April 2002
    Enquiries to yorick@dcs.shef.ac.

             Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 11:56:52 +0100
             From: Magali Duclaux <duclaux@elda.fr>
             Subject: ELRA News

    ELRA - European Language Resources Association
    We are pleased to announce that the AURORA
    SpeechDat-Car databases are now available at
    a lower price for academic organisations:

    1/ AURORA/CD0003-01
    AURORA project database - Subset of SpeechDat-
    Car - Finnish Databse

    2/ AURORA/CD0003-02
    AURORA Project Database - Subset of SpeechDat-
    Car - Spanish database

    3/ AURORA/CD0003-03
    AURORA Project Database - Subset of SpeechDat-
    Car - German database

    4/ AURORA/CD0003-04
    AURORA Project Database - Subset of SpeechDat-
    Car - Danish database

    Price per language:
    For research use by academic organisations: 200 EURO
    For research use by commercial organisations: 1000 EURO

    For further information, please contact:

    55-57 rue Brillat-Savarin
    F-75013 Paris, France

    Tel: +33 01 43 13 33 33
    Fax: +33 01 43 13 33 30

    E-mail mapelli@elda.fr

    or visit our Web site:
    or http://www.elda.fr

             Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 11:58:00 +0100
             From: Willard McCarty <w.mccarty@btinternet.com>
             Subject: Computerworld honours Theatron

    University of Warwick nominated for Computerworld Honors
    21st Century Achievement Award

    [The following announcement is quoted verbatim from the Computerworld site.
    It does not name the principal investigator responsible for Theatron and
    related work -- Professor Richard Beacham (Theatre Studies, Warwick). See
    for more about him and his projects. --WM]

    >San Francisco, C.A. (April 7, 2002)--- University of Warwick's Theatron
    >Project will become part of the Computerworld Honors Archive on
    >Information Technology on Sunday, April 7th when the 2002 Collection is
    >presented to the International Archives.
    >"The Computerworld Honors are presented on an annual basis to men and
    >women around the world who have achieved outstanding progress for society
    >through visionary use of information technology" said Patrick J. McGovern,
    >Chairman of the Computerworld Honors Chairmen's Committee and the Founder
    >of International Data Group.
    >Nominated by Carol Bartz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
    >Autodesk, in the Education & Academia category, University of Warwick's
    >work is now part of a collection that includes over 300 of the year's most
    >innovative applications of technology and will be housed in the archival
    >institutions of the International Archives across the world.
    >At University of Warwick, the history of theatre, the earliest known form
    >of virtual reality, is brought vividly to life in a teaching and research
    >module that features 3d interactive real time walkthroughs of highly
    >accurate vr models of present and past theatres.
    >"Each year, The Computerworld Honors Program identifies and honors men and
    >women from around the world whose visionary use of Information Technology
    >produces and promotes positive social, economic and educational change,"
    >said Joe Levy, President, Computerworld. "The innovators represented in
    >this Collection are true revolutionaries in their industry and have been
    >recognized by the leading chairmen of the industry as such".
    >"The Class of 2002 continues an outstanding tradition of IT innovation in
    >which service to real people doing important work in the real world takes
    >precedence over anything else," according to Dan Morrow, Executive
    >Director. "The 2002 Laureates are a source of pride and inspiration." Case
    >studies from the 2002 Computerworld Honors Collection will be available at
    >http://www.cwheroes.org, the official internet site of the Computerworld
    >Honors Program, where the entire Collection is available to scholars,
    >researchers and the general public worldwide.
    >Each year, the Computerworld Honors Chairmen's Committee nominates
    >organizations who are using information technology to improve society for
    >inclusion in the Computerworld Honors online Archive and the Collections
    >of the Academic Council. The Academic Council represents the forty plus
    >countries with case studies in the Collection. Founded in 1988/89, the
    >Computerworld Honors Program searches for and recognizes individuals who
    >have demonstrated vision and leadership as they strive to use information
    >technology in innovative ways across ten categories: Business and Related
    >Services; Education and Academia; Environment, Energy and Agriculture;
    >Finance, Insurance and Real Estate; Government and Non-Profit
    >Organizations; Manufacturing; Media, Arts and Entertainment; Medicine;
    >Science; and Transportation. For further information please contact:
    >Simone Ross Computerworld Honors Program 617.542.0527.

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    Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London,
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