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             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: New Digital Preservation Resources Listed on PADI

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    January 30, 2002

            New Resources Added to National Library of Australia's PADI website
                       Preserving Access to Digital Information

    >From: PADI <PADI@nla.gov.au>
    >To: "'padiforum-l@nla.gov.au'" <padiforum-l@nla.gov.au>
    >>Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 18:11:18 +1100

    Dear PADIFORUM-L Subscribers,

    Welcome to 2002!

    Following is a selection of some of the resources and events recently added
    to the PADI website ( http://www.nla.gov.au/padi/ ).

    We are always looking for new resources and welcome your contributions. If
    you know of other resources you consider relevant to PADI, please inform us
    by sending us an email at padi@nla.gov.au. Alternatively, you might
    consider registering as a PADI indexer to enable you to add the resource to
    the database yourself ( http://www.nla.gov.au/padiupdate/ ).

    Under the new topic LEGAL DEPOSIT:

    "Legal Deposit : Preserving Canada's Published Heritage"

    "Legal Deposit In Denmark : The New Law and Electronic Products"

    "Legal Deposit from the Internet in Denmark : Experiences with the Law from
    1997 and the Need for Adjustments" (in Word format)

    "Arrangement for depositing electronic publications at the Deposit of
    Netherlands Publications in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek" (in PDF format)

    Under the topic ARCHIVING:

    "Preserving Scholarly E-Journals" provides an overview of questions raised
    by the Mellon Foundation / CLIR initiative for the long-term preservation
    of scholarly electronic journals

    "Implementing a Reliable Digital Object Archive" describes the
    implementation of a prototype digital repository, the Stanford Archival Vault.

    "The CEDARS Project Report: April 1998 - March 2001"

    "AOLA : Austrian On-Line Archive"

    "Archiving the Web: The PANDORA Archive at the National Library of Australia"


    "Long Term Preservation Study" describes joint study undertaken by th
    Koninklijke Bibliotheek of The Netherlands and IBM.

    Under the topic PRESERVATION METADATA:

       "Preservation Metadata and the OAIS Information Model: Part I: A
    Recommendation for Content Information" (in PDF format)


    "Persistent Identification Systems : Report on a Consultancy Conducted by
    Diana Dack for the National Library of Australia" .


    "Attributes of a Trusted Digital Repository: Meeting the Needs of Research
    Resources" (Draft, in PDF format)

    "Resolution on the Preservation of the Digital Heritage - adopted by the
    General Conference of UNESCO at the 31st session" (in PDF format)

    "A Digital Preservation Policy for the National Library of Australia"

    "Setting up a Deposit System for Electronic Publications, the NEDLIB
    Guidelines" (in PDF format)

    Selected upcoming EVENTS:

    "New Developments in Standards for Digital Preservation". National Air and
    Space Museum, Washington D.C., USA. January 31, 2002.

    "The Second International Workshop on New Developments in Digital Libraries
    (NDDL 2002), (in conjuction with the Fourth International Conference on
    Enterprise Information Systems - ICEIS 2002)".
    Ciudad Real, Spain. April 2-3, 2002.

    "DLM-Forum 2002 : Access and preservation of electronic information : best
    practices and solutions". (in PDF format)
    Palacia de Congresos de Cataluna, Barcelona, Spain. May 7-8, 2002

    "Multimedia Archive Preservation - A Practical Workshop".
    London, UK. May 22-24, 2002.

    "Digital Library - IT Opportunities and Challenges in the New Millennium, 2002"
    Beijing, China. July 9-11, 2002.

    "ECDL 2002: 6th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for
    Digital Libraries"
    Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy. September 16-18, 2002

    "La Perennisation et la Valorisation des Donnees Scientifiques et
    Techniques / Ensuring Long-Term Preservation and Adding Value to Scientific
    and Technical Data"
    Centre National d'Etudes Spatial (CNES), Toulouse, France. November 5-7, 2002
    <http://www.mediatec-dif.com/pvdst/pvdstfr.htm> (in French)
    <http://www.mediatec-dif.com/pvdst/pvdstgb.html> (in English)


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