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       [1] From: Mike Wesch <mlw5k@cms.mail.virginia.edu> (47)
             Subject: Oh, What a Blow That Phantom Gave Me!

       [2] From: "Olga Francois" <ofrancois@umuc.edu> (26)
             Subject: Invitation to subscribe: DIGITAL-COPYRIGHT

             Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:06:52 +0000
             From: Mike Wesch <mlw5k@cms.mail.virginia.edu>
             Subject: Oh, What a Blow That Phantom Gave Me!

    This is to announce the digital publication of Edmund
    Carpenters Oh, What a Blow That Phantom Gave Me!

    Based on his work as a communications consultant in Papua New Guinea
    from 1969-1971, Carpenter examines the phantom-like effects of media,
    arguing that media covertly shape the ways we perceive and experience
    the world. The book became a minor classic when first published in
    1972 and is now considered by many to be among the foundational works
    in the growing fields of Media Ecology and Visual Anthropology.

    The full text of Carpenters classic along with supplementary maps
    and photos is now on-line. This digital publication will grow to be
    much more than just an electronic version of the book. In the spirit
    of Carpenters work which always seeks to maximize the potentials of

    the medium, this site will be a multi-media and multi-sided
    presentation - videos, pictures, maps, and commentaries will appear
    right along side the text.

    We are now seeking submissions commenting on Carpenters work.
    commentaries may be about the work in general or more focused on any
    one of the 80 entries in the book.

    If interested, please contact:

    Michael Wesch
    Department of Anthropology
    University of Virginia

    Suggestions for submissions:

       Write a short literature review covering the material in the
    entry. Bring the reader up-to-date on the latest research.

       Submit your own short anecdote related to the entry or the general
    subject of the book.

       Write a review of the book. We are especially seeking comments on
    the relevance of the book in todays media world.

       Critique the conclusions of the entry or the book as a whole.

    All submissions will be peer-reviewed. You may submit in any format.
    Pictures and videos are also welcome. All submissions will be
    translated into HTML for publication.

    Subjects covered in the book include: Media (books, radio, TV),
    Anthropology of the Senses, Literacy, Education, Advertising, Art,
    Self, Personhood, Individualism, Modernization

    Geographical locations covered in the book include:

    Indonesia: Bau, Sulawesi; Kapit, Borneo; Sarawak, Borneo

    Papua New Guinea: Port Moresby, Goroka, Chimbu, Amboin, Wewak,
    Kandangai, Sio, Biami, Nomad, Igibia, Madang, Angoram, Telefomin,

    Canada: Melville Peninsula, Southampton Island, Rocky Brook, Aivilik,


             Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:09:02 +0000
             From: "Olga Francois" <ofrancois@umuc.edu>
             Subject: Invitation to subscribe: DIGITAL-COPYRIGHT

    To meet the developing application of copyright laws in the online
    environment, The Center for Intellectual Property is proud to announce
    the new listserv DIGITAL-COPYRIGHT:

    DIGITAL-COPYRIGHT is a discussion group that provides a forum for the
    analysis of topics such as copyright law and policy, technologies, and
    federal information law and policies that impact higher education,
    particularly digital distance education. In addition to ongoing
    discussions of critical and theoretical issues, the list will contain:

      postings on upcoming conferences
      calls for papers
      legislative news announcements
      and many other matters which should be of interest

    This listserv aims to be a space for educators, policy makers,
    librarians, lawyers and all who have a vested interest in digital
    copyright and other intellectual property matters of importance to the
    higher education community. The list encourages all levels of discourse,
    as well as relevant political, historical, cultural and philosophical
    approaches to the problem of applying copyright to the digital arena.

    To subscribe to DIGITAL-COPYRIGHT list, send a message to:

    Be sure to leave the subject line blank. For a hypothetical person named
    Sally Smith, the body of the message would read:

               subscribe digital-copyright Sally Smith

    To send a message to the list, the address is:

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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