15.455 conference calls: e-publishing; Arabic language resources

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Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 01:30:02 EST

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       [1] From: Ana Maria <anamaria@ccom.uminho.pt> (24)
             Subject: Electronic Publishing - 2nd CFP Elpub2002

       [2] From: Magali Duclaux <duclaux@elda.fr> (28)
             Subject: LREC 2002 Workshop on Arabic Language Resources and

             Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 06:22:58 +0000
             From: Ana Maria <anamaria@ccom.uminho.pt>
             Subject: Electronic Publishing - 2nd CFP Elpub2002


    at Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

    ELPUB2002 - "Technology Interactions"

    Hosted by the Institute for Print and Media Technology of Chemnitz Technical
    University, Germany and by the Department for Computer Science and
    Engineering, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic
    November 06 - 09th, 2002

    Electronic Publishing is an area that is crossed over other areas such as
    E-commerce, Digital Libraries, Distance Learning, etc. New technologies keep
    appearing everyday in the Electronic Publishing arena. These interact not
    only among them, but also with all these areas, and not always in the same
    way. The "What, Where, How, and Why" questions about these technologies
    interactions is the main theme of the 2002 ElPub conference.

    ELPUB2002 is the 6th in a series of annual international conferences on
    Electronic Publishing. The objective of ELPUB2002 is to bring together
    researchers, managers, developers, and users working on the issues related
    to electronic publishing for public, scientific and commercial applications.
    The conference will continue the tradition of the previous conferences
    which took place in Great Britain in 1997, Hungary in 1998, Sweden in 1999,
    Russia in 2000 and England in 2001.

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             Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 06:23:53 +0000
             From: Magali Duclaux <duclaux@elda.fr>
             Subject: LREC 2002 Workshop on Arabic Language Resources and

    ***First announcement and Call for Papers***

    Arabic Language Resources (LR) and Evaluation:
              Status and Prospects

    A Post-Conference Workshop of LREC 2002

              Las Palmas - Canary Islands (Spain)
                      1st June 2002

    More details at: http://www.lrec-conf.org/lrec2002/index.html

    Taking place on 1st June, after the main conference (29-30-31 MAY 2002),
    this post-conference workshop should add value to the issues addressed
    during the conference.
    It should bring together people who are actively involved in Arabic written
    language and/or speech processing in a mono- or multilingual context,
    and give them an opportunity to report on completed and ongoing work as
    well as on the availability of LR, evaluation protocols and campaigns, products
    and core technologies. This should enable the participants to develop a common
    view on where we stand with respect to Arabic language processing.

    We expect to identify problems of common interest, and possible mechanisms
    to move towards solutions, such as sharing of resources, tools, standards,
    sharing and dissemination of information and expertise, adoption of current
    practices, setting up joint projects and technology transfer mechanisms, etc.

    By bringing together players in the Arabic NLP field, we target the
    definition of a
    first broadly supported Roadmap for Arabic LR, i.e. a broadly supported view on
    the longer, medium and shorter term needs and priorities. This would help the
    community to identify new opportunities and possible synergies.

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