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    The Arts and Humanities Research Board has recently announced a major award
    of 108,894 over two years under its Resource Enhancement Scheme for Phase
    1 of the Anglo-Norman On-Line Hub project.

    The twin overall aims of this project are:
         * to open up for on-line access significant resources that will advance
    research into the languages and society of medieval Britain and support
    university courses across a wide areas of medieval studies;
         * to develop, evaluate, deploy and propagate XML-based technologies
    that will be of service in many areas of Humanities computing worlwide.
    More specifically, the award is to fund a Web server and document managment
    system dedicated solely to the project, technical consultancy for resource
    development and electronic publication on that platform, and the
    appointment of a Technical Support Officer to perform corpus digitisation,
    in particular the application of TEI-conformant XML markup, to enable
    maximum on-line accessibility of the digital resources.

    Details of the post of Technical Support Officer may be found at:

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